Dom Rep author wins Caribbean literary award

first_imgRita Hernandez Dominican Republic author Rita Indiana Hernández was awarded the Grand Prix Littéraire Région Guadeloupe at the fifth Caribbean Writers Congress hosted by the Guadeloupe Regional Authority for her novel “La Mucama de Omicunlé”, published by Périférica.Rita Indiana was born in Santo Domingo in 1977. A writer but also singer-songwriter, she started writing when she was quite young before developing a passion for music and reinventing the merengue. Her songs lyrics as well as her novels focus primarily on Caribbean social and ethical issues.La Mucama de Omicunlé (Omicunle’s Room Maid) informs the reader about the undeniable and inevitable destruction of our world and portrays a clear picture of what will happen if we do not stop the process of dehumanization and violence.The novel deeply Caribbean and Latin American.The Grand Prix Littéraire Région Guadeloupe is intended to honour and reward a literary work published in the previous three years in French, English or Spanish. It is awarded by the members of an international jury comprising major literary figures and writers from the Caribbean.For the fifth edition of the Caribbean Writers Congress, four nominees competed for the Award:Olive Sénior, “The Pain Tree”, (Jamaica), published by Cormorant Books• Anthony Phelps, “Je Veille Incorrigible Féticheur” (Haiti), published by Bruno Doucey• Roland Brival, “Nègre de Personne” (Martinique), published by Gallimard; and• Rita Indiana, “La Mucama de Omicunlé” (Dominican Republic), published by PériféricaThe international jury members were: Andrès Bansart (Venezuela); Earl Lovelace, president of the Caribbean Writers Association (Trinidad and Tobago); Camila Valdés (Cuba); Patricia Donatien (Martinique); Lyonel Trouillot (French language area); Prof. Funso Aiyejina (English language area); and Ariel Camejo (Spanish language area).The Caribbean Writers Congress aims to contribute to the cultural development of Guadeloupe and Caribbean citizens as a whole.This year’s Grand Prix Littéraire Région Guadeloupe, initiated by the Association of Writers of the Caribbean, honored the Dominican Republic and a new generation of writers.last_img read more

Palm Beach County to launch 100-Days Challenge to end youth homelessness

first_imgPalm Beach County has been selected as one of five communities nationally to take on youth homelessness this summer by launching a 100-Days Challenge to accelerate efforts to end youth homelessness.The Palm Beach County Community Services Department and Division of Human and Veteran Services will be setting ambitious goals to meet this challenge to help end homelessness among young people in the community.This work is made possible through funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and private philanthropic partners.  Rapid Results Institute (RRI) and HomeBase will offer technical support to each community as they strive to meet their goals.With just 100 days to meet the goal of housing 100 homeless youth, ages 18 to 24, everyone from community leaders to front-line workers are invited to do their work differently, change systems and innovate. The limited time frame, high-profile effort, and intensive support from RRI will result in Palm Beach County progressing on three major tasks: problem solving, innovation, and partnership-building in the name of ending homelessness for our young people.The 100-Days Challenge gives Palm Beach County the opportunity to refine and build upon the strides that have been made to end youth homelessness. Through the support of the Rapid Results Institute, A Way Home America, and the department’s partner agencies, we will move quickly to implement youth systems and housing opportunities that will place 100 homeless youth over the next 100 days, while continuing coordinated response and entry for youth who are homelessness long after the challenge period has ended.Palm Beach County’s homeless youth population has increased dramatically in the past two years. The latest Point-in-Time Homeless Count, conducted in January, shows a 69 percent increase. Several factors contribute to youth homelessness including aging out of state care, parental addiction, sexual preference, and mental illness.last_img read more

EDITORIAL: Real, not ‘Band-Aid,‘ solutions needed

first_imgArising from the recent disgusting display of racism at a Starbuck store in Philadelphia where two black men were handcuffed and escorted form the store simply because they were waiting on a friend, Starbucks Coffee company announced a half-day training in racial bias education. On the afternoon of May 29, the company will close 8,000 of its stores across the US to train its staff attempting to prevent racial discrimination in its stores. Judging by response on social media the company’s pending training has been met favorably by most people.However, stepping back and taking an objective look, it seems the company is taking the usual ‘Band-Aid’ remedy that society tends to treat various social problems.Won’t stop racists from being racists Surely, training sessions by Starbuck isn’t going to stop some its employees from being racists. The training, though commendable, may instruct racist staffers how to deal with people of different races on the job, but won’t likely prevent them from continuing to be racists off the job.Institutionalized cultural norm The core problem of racism in America is it has become an institutionalized cultural norm, imbedded in American society. Some people are not even aware they are racists until they confront someone of another race and display prejudicial behavior towards that person. Until racism is challenged at its core, instilling in every American, like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., attempted to do, they are born equal and are to be treated equal, racism will continue throughout the society.One of the disquieting aspects of racism in America is the inherent correlation to crime.tereotyped as criminal suspectsFor many people of other races, particularly, the white race, the black race is stereotyped as the race from which crime emanates.Regardless of the social standing of a black individual,  when that individual walks into a white-owned business place, even one as common as a Starbuck store, he/she is feared as a criminal suspect. Not to mention walking into high-end department or jewelry stores, or businesses in predominantly white neighborhoods. Surely, as the sun rose this morning, black people will be copiously monitored as potential shoplifters when they enter these stores today.t’s because black people are racially stereotyped why they are often victims in racist encounters.Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, innocently walked through a North Florida residential complex where his father lived but was shot dead by a white man who suspected the youth to be a criminal because he was black and wearing a hoodie.Anther young man was gunned down dead by police in his grandmother’s backyard in Seattle, Washington, because he was suspected to be a criminal holding a gun which turned out to be a cell-phone.In New York, a black man, mentally challenged, holding a silver shower-head, was instantly gunned down, again by police, because he was suspected of brandishing a gun.Two black men simply waiting on friends in a Starbuck store in Philadelphia were suspected to be criminals.Racism – the common threadThe common thread in the above incidences, is black race; an evidence of the institutionalized racism. This is the racism that, bar blacks from better jobs; more  placement in Ivy-league colleges, political advancement; access to some neighborhoods; causes police harassment while driving; and regularly places black people on the adverse side of the judicial system.While some people in White America marginalize and fear blacks as criminals, the American society continue to discard increasingly large black communities upgraded from “ghettos” to “inner cities.” These communities are, nonetheless, still struggling, suffocating slumps. Still, sprawling communities characterized by deplorable, overcrowded housing, high unemployment, poor healthcare, teen pregnancies, undereducated single-mothers; and male youth hustling against each other, and the outside world, for financial survival.Even “well-off” blacks stereotyped Of course, many people from the black community have removed themselves from the social tentacles that tend to strangling aspects of this community. But, still these people are black and likely to be arrested as criminal suspects entering their million-dollar homes at night, or simply driving a luxury car.Against this sordid institutionalized racism, it can be understood why some people regard Starbuck’s planned afternoon training as a ‘Band aid’ approach to racism. They think this is similar to society building prisons to hold criminals, instead of trying to solve the core problem of crime.Until the rank and file of society move to socialize anti-racism throughout institutions like the public school system, churches, the workplace, law enforcement, the judicial system and other aspects of every community, racism will continue to rare its ugly head. Sadly, society continue to avoid the serous business of anti-racial socialization with various Band-aid measures.last_img read more

Bahamas Prime Minister Warns Illegal Migrants That They Will be “Forced…

first_imgNASSAU, Bahamas, CMC – Prime Minister of Bahamas Dr. Hubert Minnis said he held talks with officials of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and warned illegal migrants they should either leave the country voluntarily or be “forced to leave”.Minnis statement in Parliament is the latest by his administration warning illegal migrants who survived the passage of Hurricane Dorian on September 1 killing at least 56 people and leaving millions of dollars in damage, that the government would be implementing ts deportation of illegal migrants in keeping with the law.“This morning, Mr. Speaker, I met with represents of the IOM and they were informed that we are a country of laws and our laws in respect to illegal immigrants… will be carried out; however, they will be carried out in a humane manner.“Therefore, I serve notice to all those who are illegal that they can leave voluntarily or they will be forced to leave,” Minnis told legislators.The human rights group, Rights Bahamas, has criticized the decision of the government saying it has alerted its international human rights groups to the “government’s savage, cold-hearted and illegal plan.“We condemn this sudden about-face from the government’s earlier declaration that it will not target migrant the victims of the storm, and denounce the scheme for what is clearly is – a shameful attempt at political posturing aimed at currying favour with xenophobic elements of the populace,” the group said in a statement.Immigration Minister, Elsworth Johnson, had earlier this week said the shelters would not be used “to circumvent the law.“If you’re in a shelter and you’re undocumented and you’re not here in the right way, you’re still subject to deportation and the enforcement of the immigration laws,” Johnson said, adding “the government of The Bahamas fully appreciates that we are a country of laws. We’re governed by the rule of law”.Attorney General Carl Bethel said migrants who have lost their jobs as a result of the hurricane “need to go home” even if their work permits have not yet expired,.In a statement, the Department of Immigration warned prospective employers of storm victims that need work permits must prove their applicant has satisfactory living conditions because if they don’t, they will be denied.“The public is advised that non-nationals seeking employment in The Bahamas must be approved by the Immigration Department and that applications for the issuance of the first work permit will not be accepted or considered unless the individual is physically present and resident in his or her country of origin at the same time that the first application is made,” the Department of Immigration said.The hurricane, which swept through the archipelago, caused widespread damage on Grand Bahama and the Abacos Island, and Prime Minister Minnis said he had directed Bethel to forcibly acquire the land on which multiple shantytowns in Abaco were built.“Mr. Speaker, I’ve said before that we will eradicate shantytowns and return laws to our country,” Minnis said, adding “I’ve heard noise… about the property of the shantytowns, so I’ve informed the Attorney General to compulsorily acquire the Mudd, Pigeon Peas, Sand Banks and other related areas”Prior to the hurricane, Haitian nationals were the main occupants of the shantytowns and Rights Bahamas said it “is the height of cynicism and cruelty” when the government is moving to deport people who “have lost their homes, jobs, everything and then declare that they must prove they are employed and “satisfactory living conditions” – whatever this arbitrary phrase is supposed to mean”.last_img read more

Chelsea Star Ruled Out For Over One Month After Suffering Grade Two Hamstring Injury

first_imgChelsea striker Alvaro Morata will be out of action for more than one month after suffering grade two hamstring injury over the weekend.The 24-year old Spaniard limped off in the first half of his side’s home clash with Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL) and it turned out to be very costly for the champions who went on to lose 1-0 courtesy a belter from Belgium playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.Morata joined Chelsea in a club record £60m from Real Madrid this summer and has been in fine form with 7 goals in 8 appearances.According to Spanish team doctors, he was diagnosed with grade two myofascial injury and he will miss this week’s World Cup qualifiers against Albania and Israel.Muscle injuries like the one Morata suffered can take four to eight weeks to recover from.Spain are group G leaders and three points clear of Italy ahead of their final two European qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.Alvaro Morata’s injury is a big blow for the Blues with the former Juventus striker now expected to miss games against Crystal Palace (October 14), AS Roma, Watford and Everton at least.Relatedlast_img read more

Foreign Coach Mode Activated For The Super Falcons

first_imgThe Super Falcons of Nigeria are set to take the path of their male counterparts, the Super Eagles, by having a foreign coach as the team’s technical adviser.Franco-German coach Gernot Rohr had earlier been appointed as the Super Eagles’ technical adviser just before the start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification series last year and it seems the female national team (senior) will be moving in that direction after the NFF executive committee approved the appointment of a foreign coach.At its meeting on Wednesday, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) executive committee approved the appointment of Randy Waldrum as the technical adviser of the Super Falcons as recommended by the federations technical committee for the appointment of Randy Waldrum as Falcons’ technical adviser.The board also called on the secretariat to finalise negotiations with Waldrum, 61, a former Trinidad and Tobago women national team coach.The new development was confirmed by a statement from the NFF which said:“The Board approved the recommendation of the Technical and Development Committee for the appointment of Mr. Randy Waldrum as Technical Adviser of the Super Falcons, and directed the Secretariat to immediately conclude negotiations with Mr. Waldrum.” RelatedAmerican Coach Waldrum Says NO To Falcons JobDecember 22, 2017In “National Team”New Falcons Coach To Resume Next Week, NFF President Pinnick RevealsDecember 6, 2017In “National Team”Senator Ogba Appointed NNL Chairman As NFF Moves To Fill Vacant National Team PositionsAugust 11, 2020In “NFF”last_img read more

Sean Hurley – Amelco – Targeting operators with the fully flexible ATS solution at #boscon2017

first_imgShare Share Submit Related Articles Amelco, Silver Sponsor for the upcoming Betting on Sports conference (12-15 September), helps to create and generate prices for some of the most successful sportsbook operators.Less than two weeks before the event, we spoke to Amelco Head of Commercial Sean Hurley about the company’s tailored systems for sports betting, a trading shift towards third parties and what he expects #boscon2017 delegates to learn about its services at Olympia Conference Centre.SBC: Amelco has an interesting background developing tailored systems for betting and financial trading. Can you detail for SBC readers your company’s journey and services?SH: Amelco was born out of a history of building software solutions for pricing, trading and execution platforms offering electronic brokering services to the global banking sector. For the last 10 years Amelco has been supplying bespoke enterprise sports betting and trading platforms to some of the biggest bookmakers in the world. Coming from a background of building financial systems has enabled Amelco to build extremely reliable and robust solutions with the ability to be able to consume and process an incredible amount of data in real time.This experience has aided with the development and deployment of the some of the most sophisticated products available in the market which has made us the supplier of choice for multi territory tier one operators. All our development and operations are run from our home in the city of London, utilising the best technical talent available to supply the most cutting edge modular and end to end solutions in the industry.SBC: You are targeting growth within the betting sector at a time when operators are re-evaluating their sportsbook suppliers. What is your approach to servicing industry stakeholders?SH: Our approach is simple, flexibility. Too often operators are told what they can and can’t do with their brands by suppliers and in such a saturated marketplace it’s crucial that operators can differentiate themselves as much as possible. From a front-end perspective, we enable you to fully customise the look and feel of your brands, this is very evident in the fact that you would be hard pushed to find two Amelco clients with offerings that look remotely similar.As well as being able to give the client the power to fully dictate the styling of their brands, we also have a fully responsive CMS which is made available to each operator. Through the CMS the operator can create pages for each of their brands, dynamically change the layout, schedule promotions, manage bonuses plus many other features. Our operators really value this aspect of the product; it enables them to be able to instantly make changes without having to issue change requests.Although the frontend sportsbook is very important, the flexibility of the Amelco solution really does stem from our industry leading trading platform. The Amelco Trading System (ATS) is used extensively by tier one operators, of which several them are now multi brand and manage their entire trading operation from a single version of ATS.ATS gives the operator the power to create unlimited channels and segments which can then be configured to feed a different product to multiple front-end sportsbooks, this includes different legislation, events, markets, margins etc.For example, a multi territory operator can have a totally different offering in the UK, Russia, Africa and Asia. Included in this is the ability to if they wish to use different feeds and third parties per channel. All risk and trading can then be consolidated and managed centrally or broken up and handled segment by segment, it all just depends on how the operator wants to manage their business.SBC: Is trading still a key domain for industry bookmakers, or has this shifted to third parties?SH: I think this really depends on the bookmaker, there are so many variables from the size of the operator to the territories they are targeting that come into play. For small to medium sized bookmakers, third parties are often unavoidable due to the costs involved in acquiring models, the trading tools and the actual traders to enable keeping everything in house.So, in these circumstances opting for a third-party provider makes logical sense especially when you are looking to offer the peripheral low volume sports where the benefit of investing in specialist traders just doesn’t make financial sense.At Amelco, we have our own in-house London based trading team using proprietary Amelco models but this service is treated as an additional module and the operator is under no obligation to take this. We also give the operator the ability to choose to use any of the third-party trading providers we have integrated in our platform, so the operator can build the trading solution that works best for them.The sophistication of ATS even allows the operator to mix and match feeds and third parties across various channels. We have a number of operators who use ATS and the tools that come with the module but they then choose to handle all of the day to day trading themselves and have no third-party involvement other than data feeds.We have operators who use a hybrid approach and keep aspects in house but outsource fragments too. We also have operators who outsource all their trading, so we just listen to requirements and then configure the solution accordingly. Taking flexibility to an even higher level, we also give the operator the ability to build their own algos and integrate them into our trading engine using our black boxed environment to ensure all IP is protected.The beauty of working with Amelco is you can have the best of both worlds. You can maximise third parties as much as you require, but also take control on an ad hoc basis if you really want to own certain sports / leagues / events which are especially important to you. Nothing is set in stone either, you can start off with a fully outsourced solution and then gradually take more and more control as your business grows.SBC: From a leadership perspective, what future technologies and user trends do you feel will have the biggest impact on trading?SH: When thinking about the next 12-18 months it’s hard to ignore how important social media and the “request a bet” feature is going to continue be. The reach that some of the larger Facebook affiliates have across their network of Facebook groups is incredible.These groups have the power to have huge positive and negative effects on bookmaker margins when they push a promo or a specific bet. The player acquisition and retention arms race between marketing departments continues to produce insane price boosts on what feels like a daily basis. Although the losses from these promotions will no doubt be apportioned as marketing costs, they ultimately do disrupt the underlying trading margins as well as the trading teams in the process.Conversely the “request a bet” phenomenon can have incredibly positive affects to trading margins. Traders are able to bake in great margins to these requests and due to the inherent uniqueness of each of these bets there is no real way to price compare, that is of course in the rare instance that a punter requesting such a bet might be price sensitive anyway.From an Amelco perspective, we continue to give operators the ability to be as creative as they require with creating promotions and we also have the ability to let operators build their own bets and publish them on site, that is even if they have decided to take our fully managed trading solution. Also, being exclusively a B2B provider we work to our operators’ requirements. We have no ownership stake in any B2C provider so we remain extremely independent and beholden to develop new features in line with our operators’ individual road maps.SBC: What do you want delegates to learn about Amelco services at the upcoming Betting on Sports conference?SH: Although Amelco have been supplying cutting edge enterprise trading and sportsbook solutions to some of the biggest household tier one names in the industry for the last 10 years, we have remained relatively under the radar. So, we are just looking to introduce our products to the wider industry and explore ways in which we can help operators fulfil their aspirations. StumbleUpon Amelco continues international expansion with Colorado licence July 2, 2020 Alternative betting markets: short-term filler or long-term fixture? May 12, 2020 Amelco solidifies US presence with Continent 8 deal August 26, 2020last_img read more

IGT extends agreement with OPTIMA for award winning platform

first_img Related Articles StumbleUpon Submit Jason Ader – No Boogeyman… Activism will play a vital part in reshaping gambling August 20, 2020 Svenska Spel delivers major venue upgrade by going cashless with IGTPay  May 21, 2020 Major gaming distributor IGT has announced that it has signed an agreement with Optima Group for the licensing, support, and development of IGT’s sports betting platform in all international regions outside of Italy, the United States, and Canada.As part of the agreement, signed on 15 December, IGT is licensing its Sports Betting platform to Optima, enabling it to provide the day-to-day management of IGT’s existing sports betting relationships in international markets, and to be IGT’s preferred supplier for delivering sports betting solutions in these regions.Optima has been working with IGT for the past three years after licensing what was then known as the MarginMaker product from the GTECH side of the group. During that time, the Spanish firm has developed the product further and earlier this month the company won Best Standalone Platform Provider at the SBC Awards.Optima Group CEO Jacob Lopez Curciel commented: “This strategic partnership gives Optima the opportunity to focus on our strength as a B2B Sports Betting provider in the international space. As a result, we can continue innovating on our previous investments in the IGT platform, and ensure a first-class experience for sports betting customers and their players.”IGT International CEO Walter Bugno added: “IGT, as legacy GTECH, has successfully partnered with Optima since 2014 when we licensed our sports betting platform to them for a group of existing GTECH betting and gaming customers.“With this new agreement, Optima will ensure that all IGT sports betting customers in the international market receive high-quality ongoing support, while benefiting from Optima’s ability to develop and enhance the IGT sports betting platform.” IGT sanctions capped $300m senior debt note sale June 9, 2020 Share Sharelast_img read more

Search continues for Richard Scudamore’s successor

first_img Sportradar: Football’s match fixers enter the betting early June 19, 2020 Premier League eyes 17 June resumption May 29, 2020 Submit Related Articles Share Senior executive of the Premier League, Tim Davie, has become the second person to turn down an offer to succeed Richard Scudamore as the league’s new head.The Premier League have been on the lookout for a leadership replacement after inbound incumbent Susanna Dinnage unexpectedly reneged on the offer. Dinnage backtracked on the new role three weeks ago despite being announced as Scudamore’s successor last November.The EPL released at a statement as the time: “Despite her commitment to the Premier League in early November, Susanna Dinnage has now advised the Nominations Committee that she will not be taking up the position of Chief Executive,“The Committee has reconvened its search and is talking to candidates. There will be no further comment until an appointment is made.”It is reported that Davie was considered during the original recruitment process, and narrowly missed out on the job the first time around. He has since confirmed that he will remain in his role at the BBC, which means Richard Masters, managing director of the Premier League, will remain as the interim head while the search for Scudamore’s successor continues.The recruitment drive is being lead by chair of the EPL’s Nomination Committee Bruce Buck, who left the role of Chelsea Chairman after 19 years in charge. StumbleUpon EFL set to broadcast remaining games whilst behind closed doors April 17, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

Sportium declares its ‘Panama intent’ for 2020

first_img Spanish bookmaker Sportium has confirmed that it will enter Panama’s sports betting marketplace in 2020, and plans to launch 20 new betting points across the nation.Accompanied by Panama’s most famous sporting son, boxing legend Roberto ‘Hands of Stone’ Duran, last week Sportium leadership held a conference in Panama City’s Majestic Casino – a property which will serve as one of the Spanish firm’s Panamanian betting partners.Speaking to national media, Sportium CEO Alberto Eljarrat and International Business lead Sheila Rodriguez disclosed that Sportium will launch its initial market profile in Panama City, in which it plans to open an initial seven betting points across Majestic and Fantastic casino properties.Starting in Panama City, the Spanish outfit will then expand across the nation’s provinces of Chitre, Colon, Santiago and Aguadulce with the aim of building Panama’s most comprehensive sports betting network.Underlining Sportium’s new market ambitions, Eljarrat detailed that the Spanish bookmaker had an established operational presence as the flagship property of  Spanish gambling conglomerate Grupo Cirsa, which operates an established portfolio of arcade and bingo properties within Panama City.Sportium’s Panamanian expansion will be led by Pablo Sanz as Country Manager, who told media: “We have 50 employees in Panama, who are going to add another hundred with the expansion, apart from indirect jobs, that will be generated from our activity.” Share Submit Andrea Vota – Jdigital’s challenge of Spanish restrictions is led by logic and rationale August 13, 2020 Share Winamax maintains Granada CF sponsorship despite bleak Spanish outlook August 19, 2020 StumbleUpon Martin Lycka – Regulatory high temperatures cancel industry’s ‘silly season’ August 11, 2020 Related Articleslast_img read more