Will let you play the visitors psychological bounce rate

I studied at Shanghai Longfeng community Daniel Zac blog. Please see below:

headline: red dates content display only the first big taboo.

, the ranking of a website on the home page, can be maintained in the home, the Shanghai dragon r directly to face the problem. Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult. How to maintain a good ranking? In addition to regular updates, quality Links replacement, from time to time to send some outside chain, should pay more attention to the user experience. Love Shanghai to judge whether a page is popular, whether we can maintain long-term ranking, the bounce rate one of the reference index is the core of the page. Imagine the page out rate is 100% every day, let you love Shanghai too much to handle. read more

The optimization effect on how to produce better site code

third, as far as possible to reduce the user does not need to comment. Usually in writing software, will comment on the relevant code, such as software maintenance can provide important guidance. However, in the "write, for these comments, especially.

this idea is clearly one-sided significant, although the content of the website is very important, but there is not a perfect vessel containing the content, also is the site of the code, it is difficult to improve the website optimization effect. When the site of Shanghai dragon rising to the level of code optimization, its technical content began to significantly improve, and when the code after optimization, the overall experience of the site and the search engine affinity will significantly enhance. Here is a concrete analysis of how to produce a better optimization effect for site code. read more

B2B large sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization


– the exhibition name (like: Fair)

B2B even if you didn’t get a clear focus on site traffic is about B2B for the Shanghai dragon strategy is only a blind cat caught a mouse to death, there is no specific.


some foreigners love fancy products after the buyers are not directly to the company’s search and inquiry, they found the independent website after the direct.

by contact with the data of B2B industry feedback, buyers will search this kind of word:

In this paper,

– Product words (like: LED street light read more

Analysis of optimization strategy Chinese love Shanghai and Japanese Google is not the same

here is Shanghai

and B2B mall websites, like my colleagues a myopia prevention pen stand, he less update in the station, the industry itself is limited, not so many useful articles to update, just add a few anti myopia pen article on the line, the center of gravity will tend to the user experience and the chain. Good user experience, he is the full development of the chain, write text, forum, signature, classification of information, friendly chain platform and so on, as long as it is of high quality, No. read more

love the site keywords Shanghai home is how to do

link always is an important index to judge a website search engine is qualified, which I still believe, is also the site of the internal links of keywords ranking plays a very big role. "If you have a lot of key points to a key words, the spider will think this keyword is important, is elected, of course we do in an article published internal keywords also can not add, so that it will make the search engine that you are cheating, but counterproductive, it is very >.

title is the key factors of the rankings, so I want to do a keyword to love Shanghai home, the title keywords is essential, also is the keyword density, I watched most of the site’s ranking keywords, keywords ranking found less density is relatively large, but I think a keyword the density in 2%-4% is very good. read more

n 2014 new Shanghai Longfeng you should do the chain

is for the user to consider the link, also is the user may click on the link. A lot of love in the Shanghai dragon is filled with hyperlinks, especially the anchor text links, that can improve the ranking. In fact, this practice has fallen behind, the anchor text link will interfere with the user to read. Shanghai dragon new links belong to cheating, don’t make the mistake of

! This !

algorithm is a milepost in love with Shanghai green, Shanghai declared love has been out of being at the mercy of the lower stage. Please remember: will not be at the mercy of the search engine is a sophisticated search engine. Love Shanghai to turn to the ranking system user experience, this gives us the opportunity to do what we used to do talent shows itself, a new station for my study in Canada, you stand outside the chain than the old spelling but you are. Now love Shanghai give us this opportunity, I in the user experience than them, I have confidence ranking beyond their read more

Do these 6 common sense Shanghai Longfeng better promote your website

3, the content of


indeed, content is the most important. Compared to the keywords, content is more important. Most visitors will focus on content rather than keywords. Those who use keywords to attract visitors to the website long-term is untenable.

help one strategy network marketing success is the rational use of "search engine optimization" (Shanghai Phoenix). However, the search engine algorithm is changing all the time, we must update the site to get a good score.

(Meta Tags read more

Google solutions Shanghai dragon hit low ranking


or "games" as an example, the search results will appear like a dictionary notes


or looking for the recent release of the movie schedule, as long as the input of the title, search results and cinema movie moments will jump out of direct (to crashday 8 as an example).

According to the statistics report of

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng owners in the following this example, search "how to fix the faucet, in front of two search results is the movie, teach you how to repair Water Leakage faucet, the third is WikiHow in the title, you can clearly see the content is to explain how to fix the faucet to Water Leakage icon, how to put this paper, and the number of votes. read more

Do the optimization need more positive energy

thought his chaotic twenty years, to now become a grassroots webmaster, thousands of ocean life and dream of how much difference? Besides our Shanghai dragon industry, helpless, helpless, indignation and even change careers, who can guarantee that the algorithm update spared? And finally at today’s era, the party and the country, meeting it is an annual drama, lack of credit, mentality, materialistic frightened people.


love Shanghai change so that we do not necessarily make snap, ranking is done, the flow is not necessarily a ranking, with the flow is not necessarily a customer…… Plus the hourly station K and Months and years pass by. road to recovery, what a webmaster to do? In fact, despite the current Shanghai dragon industry competition, but also optimize the best job of 2012. If you always follow the love sea walk, serious study, summary and reflection, insist on ranking still has hope. If you put the optimization, ranking, users and customers together, to understand the connotation of network marketing and network planning, you are on the road to success may not be too far away. read more

360 recently launched SiteLink search function

love Shanghai introduced SiteLink, a few days in Shanghai and the cancellation of the show. At that time, the author also published an article "love Shanghai cancel Sitelink brand promotion with function or conflict" one article, think love Shanghai cancel SiteLink brand promotion with function or conflict. But in recent days the momentum is fierce 360 search also launched the SiteLink function, as shown below:

360SiteLink function with the SiteLink functions like love at that time in Shanghai. But the difference is that the 360 search only for some well-known brands such as Sohu, website, love Shanghai, Youku, and some domestic famous Adsense websites such as home owners, A5 nets, Shanghai dragon WHY search is not SiteLink function. The following figure: read more