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center_img We also offered couples a free photo session.We chose the most beautiful place for the tent near the lake, opposite the oldmonastery; invited a great photographer, our brother Alexey Nekrasov; andprepared props: a heart carved with angels from a tree. We handed out tocouples colorful booklets with information about the festival of happyfamilies, the Family Federation and its founders. Great help came from the “New Life” Church ofEvangelical Christians. The pastor, Viktor Mikhailovich Markelov, provided uswith a huge tent (10 by 6 meters), helped with the installation, gave benchesand chairs. Natasha and I have been encouraging themaximum number of St. Petersburg brothers and sisters to take part in theHeavenly Tribal Messiah mission. Therefore, we invited everyone and promised todivide the results so that the brothers and sisters could start their owntribe, pray for their couples, take part in the creation of an exemplarysettlement in Tikhvin. The result was a very well-coordinated teamwork. Natashaand I were a representative couple, and the other brothers and sisters invitedcouples, explained about Family Federation and the festival, and collecteddata. Nine families from St. Petersburg workedtogether to hold a mobile festival of happy families in the city of Tikhvin (LeningradRegion) on July 6. Nikolay and Natalya Chuistov, Alexey and Lyudmila Nekrasov,Nikolay Sokurov, Vitaly Adamenko and his eldest daughter, Alena (secondgeneration), Lyudmila Moskvina, Tatyana Mikhailova, Elena Mikhailova, IgorGoryansky, and Natalya Kuzbit reached their goal of blessing 120 couples.last_img

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