Bioenergy Life Science discusses its energy supplements

first_imgBioenergy Life Science discusses its energy supplementsPosted By: Harriet Jachecon: May 30, 2019In: Beverage, Food, Health, Ingredients, Innovation, Interviews, Nutraceutical, NutritionPrintEmail At Vitafoods 2019, Harriet Jachec spoke with Penny Portner, the director of marketing at Bioenergy Life Sciences, about the company’s portfolio of carbohydrate-based energy supplements. Ribose is “the building block of ATP, which is the source of all cellular energy,” Portner explained. “Your body naturally makes ribose but it’s such a slow process, that your body cannot keep up with its demand for energy. Supplementing with Bioenergy Ribose helps you build that ATP much faster.” Bioenergy is a slower release energy, meaning it is much more sustainable than unnatural sugars such as glucose.In addition, Portner detailed the reasoning behind the decision to add vitamin B3 to Bioenergy Ribose in order to create Bioenergy Riagev.“The combination helps to add NAD levels, which is all about healthy ageing, and that’s from the inside out.“Riagev helps to build mitochondria, which helps to increase NAD levels.”Presented by: Harriet JachecEdited by: Anya Keillercenter_img Share with your network: Tags: BioEnergy Life ScienceVitafoods 2019last_img

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