Match Find

first_imgMore features of Match & Find app:Developed to be accessible to children with learning disabilities and more:Suitable for children with or without hearing impairmentsOption to change color scheme can assist those with visual impairments Looking for an app to help develop your child’s memory, matching, sequencing and searching skills?  The developers behind the Match & Find app understand that working memory is essential for language and number development.  Keep reading to learn more about Match & Find and how it may benefit your child!Match & Find features six different activities, all of whichClick on image to see review by BridgingApps.remain “clear and uncluttered” and can be played in any order.  Additionally, “They are all configurable so you can set the level of difficulty to suit your child, and adjust as their ability and confidence grow.”Each activity features a selection of easily-recognizable animals (e.g. cat, bird, monkey, fish, cow, horse, etc.)  The number of animals vary on the difficulty levels.  The different activities included within the app are:Find the Same: This activity displays a set of pictures or written words.  Two of them are the same and the goal is to tap the two matching objects. What is Missing?In this activity, a row of cards is shown across the top half of the screen.  A row of objects then appears on the bottom half, one of these matching the missing item above.  Tap the object at the bottom that you think matches the one above. Copy the Order:A row of cards appears across the top part of the screen from left to right.  Then, the cards flip over into blank cards.  The original objects appear at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be prompted to place the animals in the correct order. Find the Hidden Pairs:A set of cards appears in matching pairs but jumbled positions.  Try to remember what’s on each card and try to match them by memory.center_img Where Was It?  In this activity, there will be a set of cards presented.  Then the cards will flip over and become blank.  Then on the right side of the screen, you’ll be asked to select where the bird was placed, for example. Match the Pairs: The left hand side of the screen features a set of objects, one under another.  The right side displays a corresponding set in jumbled order.  The goal is to tap both matching animals of each pair to match them up. Supports control using 1 or 2 Bluetooth or USB switchesNo in-app purchases, pop-up ads or user trackingAvailable in six different languagesTo learn more, visit the developer’s website here.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedLanguage Builder from Stages AppNovember 19, 2015In “Apps”7 Alligator Apps for Early LearningNovember 9, 2016In “Apple”Listening Power PreschoolApril 12, 2016In “Apps”last_img

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