Website optimization gain orders rate professional quality needs to be improved

: a reasonable charges clearShanghai dragon

first, due to the uncertain factors lead to different price charges. However, there is a class of people, without any professional accomplishment, see people, see the company mantianyaojia. Customers have to see how? "Selectively?" website optimization facts, as much as most basic professional accomplishment. Plus, according to their orders, how much to eat meal. In practice, there are some Shanghai dragon Er regardless of the difficulty of website optimization, pick up and comers. The customer is so taken? At the end of the destruction is not only a personal reputation, more is ruining the whole industry professional website optimization! What a list of facts, can take what kind of list, can not take the optimization, do have a choice, and finally to win customers not eventually become convinced, as a "liar" word!

optimization how to charge? Mostly through the keyword related information, keyword index, search engine promotion items, time domain name registration, website update status, and so on to define. This decision a variety of charges, even in the same word, different people in front of the optimization, the price may be different. Website optimization, lack of standardization, wild speculations, have fooled scam, or escape. For a long time, the industry trend is how to make the client panic? Give up optimization, not conducive to ranking, do optimization, but worried about the results. As a Shanghai dragon Er how to win the trust of customers? The author thinks that a reasonable and clear charges is the first step.

two: optimization of orders to be realistic

three: carefully guide customers to get your

optimization, more and more people are usually defined as "website promotion", its meaning is by all means will be launched to. On the technology, many people think that "site optimization, Shanghai dragon is a liar". In fact many people already think so, why? In the website optimization process, there are too many customers were injured, resulting in deterioration of the "Shanghai dragon" reputation of the world. And the customer for the "Shanghai dragon Er" is a concern, suspicion among them, even in the single process, a word wrong customer will take wings to itself. How to avoid such a situation out? The author believes that the Shanghai dragon Er sector, generally need to enhance professional quality.

Shanghai dragon

wants to promote what is connected to the first element of successful? A "trust". In fact, as a Shanghai dragon Er, strictly speaking, should also be regarded as a salesman. To make customer recognition of your products, will not be able to sell out their own. How to make the customers to buy your services? Trust is one of the leading factors. How to establish trust? So that customers know you, you can know whether the quality of service. As a "Shanghai Longfeng blogs er

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