Grassroots necessary for strategic planning of Shanghai Longfeng milepost growth

this is your baseline report, analysis of the report started on your first day, you will find some exciting things, your competitors and some occasional frustrating things, such as your current search engine optimization performance than. Through some effective keyword analysis tool, can give you a good insight about your competitors are earning links, they get through what keywords flow more, even told you last month and one month before how much money is spent on specific keywords.

this report is very interesting, the use of the tools you will find and create an organized inventory link opportunity, your chances of classification by classification such as web business directory, choose how to store information, if you use Google spreadsheets, break your own label or link to the classification of construction management difficult.

3, link analysis report

are you going to hundreds of ideas and tools into the keyword research, you spying on opponents, find the link opportunities and elements to consider when planning your Shanghai dragon activities. Below is a list of reports and operational list content, can be recorded in your spreadsheet or project management system. The planning stage can spend a month’s time, remember that this is a template file, in your practice, you can according to the actual situation proposed some corresponding results.

report also includes a review of the webmaster tools, an audit and some use of online tools for the web site more detailed data.

4, report

Keywords Shanghai

2, competitor analysis report

this report can help you find a potential site of crawling and indexing problems. It had little direct relationship with the content of a website is mainly aimed at how to search engine friendly. Some of the content standards may include: check for broken links and some duplicate content, analysis of HTML and XML site map, optimization of robot, robots.txt and.Htaccess to help get the content you want to index crawler and you can’t be away from the search engine retrieval content.

site obstacle analysis report


milepost 1 – Your Dragon strategic plan (January)

you already have a large amount of data from the top of the first and the third report, in the report analysis, you can explore some other tools to help general >


with the passage of time, your notebook will become a beautiful art; when all the strategies have been crumpled into a waste paper, only your goals in your room, a grass grow into a good webmaster, ordinary people do not know the hardships he experienced in the milepost. In this article I will take a way to organize information to remind you how to start our grassroots growth milepost journey.

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