How to optimize the website of business success

The structure design of

website structure is conducive to the search engine access, but also conducive to the customer browsing, we often say that the tree type structure. Product classification column must be targeted, there is a demand, containing keywords in the column headings.

five: space optimization

1, e-commerce websites have to do within the chain, make full use of products recommended, Internet related products, is conducive to search engine crawling, also can let users click, increase the user experience, but should pay attention to the number of recommended don’t too much, generally 4 the left and right on the line.

four, the station optimization

site structure clear, also need to have content to fill, the electronic commerce website is the main selling products (such as I took the sell socks), products are mainly in the form of pictures to show users. So ZhengZhan colour collocation and product pictures and promotional pictures of these have a characteristic, let the user would want to leave the page the highest conversion rate.

electronic commerce website in addition to search engine friendly place, also let users, a clear, neat, generous page appears in the eyes of the user, the first impression is very good. Can continue to watch.

The general situation of


2, the electronic commerce website pictures accounted for the vast majority, therefore attaches great importance in the optimization of the picture, the first picture needs to be compressed, and then images need to add ALT tags, the best picture in both before and after the relevant text introduction, increase search engine friendliness,

, a website structure

in addition to the website space must have IIS log can download, we need every day to go to the IIS log analysis, timely understanding of search engine friendly program on our website, there are problems resolved in a timely manner.

A flat type

two, page

when we choose space must choose a stable speed, good space, support the flow of some big, so as not to run out of site traffic occurs not open phenomenon (a website I have 10 days is not open, Shanghai was finally love to K, as far as possible) a one-time fix like this website, I took over the space, often can’t open phenomenon, now the server is very troublesome, this is the second site, after moving to the search engine or have a certain impact, but also take one to two weeks to adjust.

recently received an electronic commerce website to optimize, previously know some B2B website promotion, Shanghai dragon optimization is just one kind of e-commerce sites do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also necessary, today to talk about how to do business website optimization effort.


3, the electricity supplier website is included in the amount is not high, why, because the page similarity is too high, is not conducive to the love of Shanghai included, because.

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