Taobao customers do not recommend electronic products promotionMobile payment rural extension nerve

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has a lot of general current Taobao customers who do, you can think of a variety of products and you can have product promotion, I is not good because I want to promote the products, so the choice of the promotion of tablet computer, the tablet computer recommend this station, generally resides in or more smoothly, a month when the site is PR to 4, now also had 4 months of time, the feeling is more.


Taobao customer exchange



"our main business is" push ", to let more people know that the use of this thing, we must go to the streets, villages and towns to contact and communicate with people. To put it plainly, we are the "nerve endings" of the mobile Internet payment industry, but we can’t.. First tier cities competition is very fierce, we differentiated development, saw the mobile payment in the three line cities, the possibility of the rural market, so we choose to develop here." Tang Yabing says.

4, did not let sh419 bid is either cautious or understand, understand directly to Taobao search, do not know to find your website to see your recommendation and careful consideration for some time, go directly to Taobao.

SO, Taobao customer selected electronic products is very miserable, flat box suggestions for Taobao customers friends, especially newcomers, it is best not to choose electronic products, take the tablet computer recommend this website, the main keyword is domestic tablet computer and recommend domestic tablet computer rankings, because people are not willing to do the dumpster, the first feeling is to deceive the audience, second think that sh419 is foolish but sooner or later identify spam, and energy waste is a big loss, so the beginning is the original or false original line, in order to meet the users needs, will update the tablet computer tablet computer information, such as quotations this day, the information website updated and accurate information to speed, so every day to spend a lot of effort to collect information, and those big Stations have direct delivery of the company, so the pressure is even greater.

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1, tablet PC itself is the idea of products, and people’s consumption habits are generally willing to buy goods online under the mall, online afraid of problems, so the conversion rate relative to other low;

"actually, our job is to get more local people to use mobile payments.". The basic process is, we in the shop and business details, and merchants signed cooperation, give them one of the one and only the payment code aided by material etc., so when consumers into the store, you can use mobile payment. It requires us to run from door to door, and it’s a very strenuous physical activity." Tang Yabing introduced, but a lot of businesses in the village

First, choose the

tablet computer business cheating, to sell the house as the first scheduled pay, receive the money and then sell, reproduction, bad luck to get the goods from the reservation for a month, I also have my spot buy, low conversion rate;

this flat box original, reprinted please specify padhz

mobile payment, no, we can’t,

as in so doing, one day to find news, news, and reply to users to improve website experience, if the time had to do outside the chain, and in the end, after all than other product conversion rate, the general friend estimation work a few months no income directly abandoned so, the flat box here again suggest that Taobao guest novice do not choose electronic products.

3, sh419 bidding cottage goods too much, silly people have to cheat, without your play;

Southeast Shanxi summer, though than the rest of Jinnan cool slightly, but transpiration heat up at noon, or let most people stay at home. But Tang Yabing has no time to rest, he was riding a donkey ", who was slung over his post a stack of posters, today’s task is to cover all the more than 10 rural shops" material ". The so-called "material", that is, posters, tables and other signs printed with the words "mobile payment" material, convenient for consumers to see in the store after the use of mobile phones for mobile payments.

is engaged in the same "western style" like in the big city of the Internet industry, the 28 year old Tang Yabing scene is "reverse", he most often appear in the local township and village. Tang Yabing, a rural promoter with mobile payments, has had a lot of hard work.

tablet computer products, we all know miserable place, do not do Taobao passenger flow, but the conversion rate, conversion rate and tablet computer is very low, how low we listen to me:

Prior to

Tang Yabing is a Qinshui County in Jincheng, grew up in the countryside. After graduation from technical secondary school, he went to work in an enterprise. He admired those who started the business successfully. One day two years ago, he stumbled across a post on the mobile payment team recruiting local service providers online. "At that time, the Internet business has been a very fire word, and I saw again in Jincheng, will call the newspaper." Tang Yabing recalled, "long wanted to catch the Internet car, the Internet business to the door, can not miss."."

‘s departure, Tang Yabing and his colleagues held an action meeting at the company. On the wall of the company is a map of the surrounding areas of Shanxi and Jincheng, each of which is divided into individuals. There are lots of circles and red dots on the dotted map, which is their hope.

more than 10 stores are not many, but a morning down, Tang Yabing ran only 4. "It’s a little better today. It’s all about the outskirts of the city. If you go to the county, the villages and towns are far away, you may not be able to get 4 in the morning."." Tang Yabing put on a red, red face, and laughed.

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