Love Shanghai search content quality website speed user experience determines the site can retain

3, low quality gossip, pornographic content

1, the website open speed is critical, a mobile page loading speed more than 5 seconds, the user will directly shut down more than 10 seconds, the basic loss.

APP spoofing

APP in the current competition in the red sea state, the Internet industry in the flow entrance are seeking how to win over users with promotion website experience lower cost and better user, after Facebook and noble baby and other international giants have launched mobile web acceleration service, love Shanghai also launched for mobile web search MIP solutions to solve the difficulties, let users search faster and easier to find information and services.

in the October 27th meeting of the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform VIP Hangzhou salon in Shanghai, love the search experience from the two aspects of the quality of website content and user, expounds how to make a love Shanghai search favored mobile site. Content summary:

search love in Shanghai recently commercial soft, wide of the mark

, announced several behavior focus on monitoring the recent:



2016 the Internet industry as the user experience, the Internet entrance all the emphasis on content quality, website speed, user experience. The search engine is an important traffic entrance website, the three also has a more clear requirements:

4, bad advertising

2, the content of

"MIP mobile Web accelerator will be more widely implemented"


3, the website structure must be clear, easy to use, allowing users to easily point any damage the user experience of the website structure is bullying, users must not stay too much time.

has extensive experience in the industry Zac teacher said early on noble baby AMP technology, have already accumulated deep in foreign technology, AMP technology has gain nobility baby on foreign site a lot of data to support, is a very good low cost high return service. To love.

in addition, MIP transformation of the "Mobile Friendly" page with the standard, the person in charge of love of Shanghai MIP project at the meeting also said: MIP after the transformation of the site due to the user experience, will be favored, have more chance to show love Shanghai search users, will also receive exclusive resources a series of support obviously, more revenue.

software. Download

2, in the advertisement content to pick the page will not be favored by the users, users tend to the content itself, too much advertising will disturb the user’s access to information demands.

‘website quality is the focus of "

At the same time,

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