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this love Shanghai abnormal data by K, is I speak these things when the site for IP may love spiders in Shanghai is visiting the site, can not access success so it was K, but I’ve also encountered the website two days can not be opened, but the ranking, still included. I love Shanghai is not so easy to read. And I believe that if we do it.

site is K do believe that as long as the length of time the webmaster all know, love is Shanghai or Google to punish, or is the home page is K off, and the total was K out, encountered such a thing is really chilling ah, today talk about the main problem is that your site in the end was K

2 love Shanghai abnormal data by K


this may be a lot of friends do not know, this special industry refers to the violation of national law, the existence of information pornography, gambling, and other aspects of the reactionary, and I also met some, ha ha, why because I did this, I do massage, because we see someone doing so. When someone is looking for me to do I have promised, because it is a friend, of course, a little greedy, but after two months as the home page, but not a long time, also a week more, will be K out, has not been restored, so disheartened ah, ah, regret a previous mistake in here to advise you, oh, do you still want to develop way, those loopholes can not be long.

is the cause of the K to help you

Here is a summary of the site in

first talk about my experience, I do a business site is the office furniture, the main key is the Tianjin office furniture www.dkjiaju贵族宝贝, said first of this station, this site is my home host free for the record, I believe we all know, it is not for the record, because afraid of trouble so no record, now the site space business there’s a problem and then changed my IP and a few hours did not open, so the question is the second day of the November 22nd, was in love with the sea K home page, to the third day when they were all cleared up to love Shanghai included, I it is also a bit worried, but the situation is not worried.


because the site did not do the means of black hat, no mass, and friendship connection has not been on the K site, there is no reason to be involved, Friday morning to see the data has been restored, and was also restored, of course, these days Links also lost a few, because others you see the site was K so sure to link to your website to get rid of ah, so here to some friends, you can record on the record website, there is a web site if the white hat means the operation, it should be K calm, what do you have to do is wait. Generally when Thursdy night a big update will come back.

1 special industries caused by K

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