Keywords distribution technology in web pages

four, on the site (station outside the station and the other page content), the distribution of the key words, and put it in before pointing to the anchor link form content. Simple to say that I use the A page optimization of the word "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon", do the above three points (?), and then I have this word several times "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" in the B page, and link it to the A page. This is to tell the search engine, this link is associated with this keyword, along the link to the A page spider crawling content, quality excellent content, so as to give relatively high ranking.


three, in the page number density distribution of keywords, in 5%-8%, and in the first time. Its role is to use "stress" and "intensive" to search the content and user behavior and the correlation between the title. A Shanghai dragon point we are also in the construction of website content must be used.

1, the words in the link, it is sometimes annoying.

above is only the teacher’s word around principle. Also in the core. The seemingly well understood, but also need to do a deep foundation. The following is the Lanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Fan for some additional teacher Cardiff around a word made in Shanghai Longfeng today’s environment, so that we get a better understanding about the usage of the word:


Lanzhou Shanghai dragon Yang Fan at once in the "rapid promotion Keywords website ranking selection" in an article elaborated on the importance of the choice of keywords and how to select the main keywords. So in the choice of good words, we need to enter the next technical points: keyword distribution.


on distribution technology of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, we have to mention the Shanghai dragon WHY Shanghai Longfeng engineer teacher cardiff. In June 2009 the Guangzhou Google optimization guide for research on teacher Cardiff proposed "a word" around the keyword distribution technology. This theory was eventually agreed to Google and the other official representative of Shanghai dragon industry.


two, description and Keywords in Meta page. This place with the Shanghai dragon strategy improvement and progress of technology, is not necessary. We do in Shanghai Longfeng can save, no problem. Because of the love of Shanghai has clearly no longer pay attention to Keywords, and the search results page Description is not necessarily to take the initiative to our description of the writing, and may be the search engine to determine display.

current distribution technology, mainly the use of the word around the teacher Cardiff is proposed, the specific performance:

, a distribution of the title of the page and the links. In the search engine on the web page ranking and Shanghai Phoenix station optimization, the title still occupy an important position. The need to ensure that the "keyword optimization" and "to attract users to click".

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