How to form the correct thinking of working in website optimization

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web site operators not Everything is going smoothly., as a webmaster in website optimization formation process will encounter many difficulties in thinking, and these difficulties requires the webmaster friends again learn to sum up, such as the owners of local website failed, to summarize the causes of failure, why would fail, what do we do if the next time again. Do this step that webmaster friends have their own website optimization ideas applied to practice, and then according to their own problems again set up websites to seek a breakthrough, to achieve the purpose of success.

a webmaster in website optimization process have their own website optimization ideas after the preparatory work, the next step is to establish their own core site optimization idea, different owners have different ideas, and it is these different ideas to construct the webmaster. For example, the hao123 website why can rapid success, apart from the site has pre positioning right also has unique ideas on core development, thus creating a successful website. Our website is such a reason, to set up a site that tracks the core ideology, core to track your website from the site of the foundation of the moment, and finally explore the site what can stand, only do this step can make your website development. The webmaster friends do this step also represents the owners have their own ideas and website optimization, this idea is needed in the practice of continuous improvement from.

website optimization is a diverse and complicated work, many webmaster friends in the optimization of the website more or less there will be some errors, but these errors lies in the correct work site optimization has not been formed, I believe most of the webmaster want to be able to have a correct way of thinking of website optimization work, so how to the formation of

strategy, to seek a breakthrough in

website optimization idea is a >

no matter what kind of website, no matter how the site of future prospects, in the line on the website before it should form a correct idea for the website strategy, also is the site of the so-called positioning and future planning. Say you want to do is a comic website in the website online before you should want to know how the future prospects for cartoon website, website how to do to win customers love and respect, the problems found in the list, and then make a statistics, the most after you will draw a conclusion, we how to do this site, and this is your website strategy. After the website strategy needs to learn to use the strategy to seek a breakthrough, different strategies in different stages of the development of the website the role is not the same, but this time often needs the webmaster friends using the existing strategy to seek the basis for site breakthrough, from laying the preparatory work ideas of website optimization.

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