How to eliminate the negative effects of web page is invalid

site with prolonged operation time, invalid page number will be more and more on the website, invalid page and ordinary dead links have some differences, there is no dead links to this page, and the page is invalid is the existence of the corresponding page, but the content of the show and website either nothing or blank the content is basically a lot of advertising, or piled up. So for the handling of invalid page can not simply use 404 pages to handle. That is to say processing invalid page often more difficult.

but how to avoid the invalid page face website optimization, from the above analysis of the invalid page, the search engine friendly range, it is difficult to improve the website optimization effect. Even it will seriously affect the optimization of the site, which is down right or punishment. So to solve the harm of invalid page is very urgent, how can better eliminate the invalid page facing the negative effects of

second, if it is a dead link invalid page that will this processing is relatively simple, only need to build a 404 page, and provide some content on the page, allowing users to feel with affinity, also can let love Shanghai think this page is not a simple 404 page link, at the same time including some content, so the website will also give the love of spiders in Shanghai bring a good impression.

first, the web content need to fill the blank. We in the construction site, often will build a good framework, but in the daily operation period, these have built the framework of this because of negligence will forget to add content, the best method is to search the site if there is a blank page through the tool, and then manually filled, of course, the content must be filled a new quality, want to know the love of spiders in Shanghai in the long term this page crawl to not see the content, but if you fill the contents of quality is very poor, so love Shanghai spider to grab content, found to be spam, it is easy to give you the website on the negative points, so re filling the content must have a high quality.

fourth, for some advertising pages, or irrigation Page >

site optimization?

third, according to some special invalid page processing. In the website operation, often there will be some pages of the user only has some use, but there is no significance for the love of spiders in Shanghai, such as the registration page order page, blog and mall shopping cart etc.. The existence of these pages will not bring much benefit to the website ranking, but also increase the proportion of invalid website page, to know the invalid page for the higher than, then love Shanghai for recognition site will spider is low, the end result will be brought to the site of the evaluation range. So for these users, search engine useless pages can, by setting the nofollow attribute, avoid love Shanghai spider crawling, so it can effectively reduce the invalid page on the website.

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