How to treat all kinds of love Shanghai website optimization rules

? From July 1st

, a website optimization of the high cost of


a good article quality is high, no longer depends on the style of writing is more romantic or delicate, with words how refined, but in the similarity in the Internet your article is much, if the similarity of an article in the 50% or so, you may just be Pastebin only, not too the design, Hara Fumiakifuji found that as long as the text can connect a words to master, even if there are too many typos or incoherent talk in engine seems to be nothing, just because the content and the contrast of the words of his grasp. After all, love Shanghai spiders is the machine’s behavior, in many cases he is unable to correctly judge the point. The >

three, the high cost of the original writing

love Shanghai through the establishment of various rules, high quality link is more and more important, if you have several big website backstage support for your site, your friends one by one down, may cause your enterprise site into a love Shanghai xiaoheiwu. To lose a potential customer mining capacity, commodity trading will gradually decline.

two, link high transaction costs

had to do the Internet is to show the enterprise strength and brand strength, the enterprise website slowly transformed into a marketing website, all for online orders and inside and outside the station optimization, and win the rise of various cheap chain advertising, because of different methods in the industry chain package rolled up the circle, high weight and other hot sales platform. Whether you are for the link or bulk purchase link everything in order to love Shanghai home has a cameo appearance, and love Shanghai several times "super chain upgrading", "cheating algorithm sale links also will be hit", "black chain", "love", "green sea pomegranate algorithm algorithm", "original", "spark plan 2" let love the sea green algorithm to optimize the cost increase gradually, because of the low quality of the articles, the chain, the website structure will rise to a certain position, at least in the short term will be all kinds of high level optimization of the enterprise or individual price competition, leading to the Internet because of excellent technical and price optimization the price increase, the formation of certain period in the industry than the price, because the low price has no technical content so it is not up to the point of basic optimization.


launched "Baidu love" after the 2 sea Scindapsus algorithm, many webmaster, optimize promotion technician, enterprises began to There were many discussions. Whether it is the forum or QQ group, and all of the subjects are about love Shanghai move practice really profitable? Although love Shanghai recently been hit the Internet, has been positive from the point of view of publicity greening the Internet, but I think it is designed rattan continuously updated and optimized, in order to create a slightly green network, is also leading to the rapid development of major industries, resulting in five high

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