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so, if you are in the website optimization, if you are complaining about the site’s ranking is not ideal, ask yourself: do you really do the work have been done? You really insist on? Adhere to two words to write but.

what the owners of the site will have good keywords ranking? Certainly those who know how to adhere to the staff of Shanghai Longfeng and significance in website optimization do practical work. For a good webmaster, he needs to record and detailed data on the site every day, to ensure that all the data inside and outside the station. He can according to the monitoring points of the site optimization and reasonable analysis of the website. Don’t give up on the site has experienced a period of optimization, there is no good ranking, but a comprehensive diagnosis of the site, and to identify problems, solve the problem, until the site’s ranking can be found in the search engine home page. Each company will have Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng such people, they are not afraid of hard work, not afraid to work overtime, nor specifically research, as is the website can have very good rankings. There is such a webmaster, website ranking how could

optimization in Shanghai Longfeng company, every day the most attention is the keyword ranking, but the ranking of ascension is not a short duration of time things, it requires owners to make painstaking efforts, can return some keywords ranking. In addition, the website optimization must know that adhere to the important significance in the website ranking. Had to prepare, do adhere to the work, can have a good website ranking.

in Shanghai Longfeng company, we will see such a webmaster, they have rich experience in Web site optimization, but no practical attitude. Give them a new optimization, but also relatively hard to do at first, until a period of time without website ranking, will complain that the website is not good, asked for the new station. Not Jingxiaxinlai, reasonable analysis of the site, to find the problem, which can enhance the website ranking as soon as possible. In fact, this station, although Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is very rich, but for some projects, ZhengZhan optimization or some of the more difficult words, they are not very appropriate, because this project will take a very long time, is the need to continue to adhere to the.

in website optimization, some Adsense is what also do not understand, but also not to learn, not to mention to the meaning of. These every day just according to his supervisor and send some blog or forum, publish and do not understand this blog or forum on the site’s ranking is a 100%, just a day to repeat the work of machinery. Even the Google website backstage data are not very good to record, analyze the website ranking how high? For this station, not to mention to two words. Give them a website, they made a month in the keyword ranking is not good, they do not want to do, because a month for them is so long, no ranking will blame the search engine, not from their own reasons.

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