The construction of the chain channels in the new period Web site directory

second, love Shanghai "category" and "website directory" 2 key words, search ranking how many pages within the site, all preserved.



first, the experience of the author is to use keywords tool and draw the "long tail keyword classification directory", many of which are relatively well-known classification directory already has a brand, so their website name "XXX directory" is not low love Shanghai index and search volume, so most of the weight categories are high, can be preserved for further screening.

with a series of adjustments in the one or two years before the Shanghai love ranking algorithm, the proportion of the chain in the ranking algorithm is not so big, but the chain is still an important one in Shanghai dragon. Just a lot of the chain before we do little or no effect, the chain work that we spend a lot of time and effort to do a futile waste. What should we do what the chain? Let’s talk about directory sites outside the chain.

so we have a catalogue of the website database, and then through the query of these sites included, the chain, site time, love station Webmaster Tools weight, weight, and then sort summary. I believe you see the results, already know to which category on the website to submit your web site to the

the author of a new site index and search volume is small, the catalogue of the day the chain ranked second pages, ranking two weeks before the 3 page, this is a web site directory can explain the chain effect. In my opinion, in some of the manual review of the directory sites of high quality submission, you included.

and I did this for more than a year the directory sites outside the chain, the effect of feeling in this area is relatively good. But there are many catalogs of higher weights are more difficult to submit, such as the DOMZ directory, directory and open YAHOO catalog, want to let these well-known category included, difficult conditions. Of course, not do we have to give up the platform, and we can find some web site directory domestic high weight. How to find

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced in July 3rd "super chain algorithm upgrade, the chain function declined to say in an article:" offline "site for the construction of the chain can meet the search engine spiders that included the demand, and the chain weight calculation needs. But the love sea trust only very small range and high quality of the chain, as long as the site to obtain ultra chain can meet the needs of some important and basic content of related sites." From the above love Shanghai to disclose information can be found in the chain can still meet the super chain weight calculation needs, will also define the chain still has a positive effect on the rankings, love we just need to do some high weight outside the chain, Hisense Ren highly recommended. If the high quality of the chain to a certain number, the chain construction work we can do a lot less than before, can put the other time to website content and user needs mining.

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