Rely on WeChat original content of entrepreneurs is how to grasp the roller coaster

needless to say Chinese is a free country, regardless of content acquisition or user reviews, there is always a lot beyond the bottom line can not only by various departments interviewed by ~

1, large flow and large data capacity of

traffic, needless to say this must be accompanied by a surge in bandwidth, but now this era is not the problem, as long as the money will be enough bandwidth, but the big data is a big problem, with the increase of grasping the content, need to store more and more, especially now that motionless on the picture that the era of ~

by grab WeChat original content > Gen

WeChat has been a topic of concern, but also to the countless people to bring convenience and wealth, in the amount of users of WeChat WeChat announced in 2016 statistics show that WeChat has not only a creative function of mobile phone application. It has become the representative of Chinese electronic revolution. Intelligent mobile phone coverage of more than 90%, and that is indispensable in people’s lives daily use of tools. By the end of the first quarter of 2016, WeChat monthly active users has reached 549 million users, covering more than 200 countries, more than 20 languages. In addition, the total number of WeChat public, each brand has more than 8 million, the number of mobile applications docking more than 85000, WeChat payment users reached 400 million. In this context, many entrepreneurs through WeChat grab original content to sit on the WeChat air express.

WeChat huge user groups and the content is given a lot of new opportunities in this content is king of the times, plus WeChat is not open to the major search engines, in this case it spawned a number of original content increased by crawling WeChat included major search engines and the content of the rank of entrepreneurs.

3, copyright

, produced a number of fast becoming high flow, high weight website, to achieve one million visits by the huge flow of search engine, of course, nature is large flow of profits, but there is a saying that good, big tree with the wind, carrying a large flow the amount of exposure, but also more and more many problems.

2, the content of the policy issues

lying to make moneyIn this case


The rapid accumulation of

is currently online realization automaticallycaptures automatic publishing platform and can even work with various WeChat content capture, as long as there is a bearing content of the website and domain name is undoubtedly good. ~

, 4 rulesSince

now the national Internet Era "name" is no longer what strange things, venture companies are generally weak, legal risk early start to consider are generally incomplete, or the professional personnel, so inadvertently violated the trademark rights of others ~

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