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for example we search for any keyword, put in the top ten websites with a table record, then use the tool to query their > respectively.

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as the name suggests, the total domain name refers to the number of external links from the independent domain name, and the total link number refers to the total number of a website external links. The number of general total domain name is far less than the total number of links, because some of the site’s external links is the station link, so even if a domain name, also can bring hundreds of links to you. But when we normally use tools to query, the result is often the number of total link number and not the total domain name. This truth is through research and observation, in fact, the overall reason we also can imagine, the search engine is a complex system, if the total number of links have a very big advantage, then find a portal to do a total station link, then a number of links will show a large outbreak pattern of growth, but in the anchor text for keywords ranking is not necessarily proportional to the growth, if this is the case, then there will be many kinds of cheating methods, this is the user wants to experience, but also the search engines don’t want to happen on myself. The algorithm is in many aspects, not limited to a factor.


external links is always a very important direction of website optimization, many webmaster every day is a simple duplication of work, whether you go to the forum post, or write their own soft Wen, blog, exchange Links, the ultimate goal is to eventually let the search engines found and included in our website, and finally give a good ranking. So today we summarize some of my personal experience and experience, that is the total domain name is more important than the total number of links.


1 refers to the 100 domain names have a link to their own, and the 1 100 refers to 100 of our website to link the 1 domain name, through a lot of summing up and observation to determine the total domain name and a more direct relationship stronger ranking, it would be more useful. It links 100 normal weight of the site, or a higher weight domain has 100 more useful links. In addition, if your site has just started, we pay for a PR value is much higher than our website links, so sometimes caused by search engine doubt. Because the gap between us is too obvious, so it is better to PR7 or PR8 on the pr4-5 website on budget. So here also remind more webmaster friends, not always in a posting on the site of the optimization, this means the time every day too observant of conventional standards. quantitative methods, although very scientific, but the search engine can be found, previously encountered some Adsense is manual mechanical operation caused by punishment and drop right. In the optimization of the time, nature is a very important aspect.

domain name and total link number

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