During the Spring Festival holiday the website ranking how to counter attack


during the Spring Festival holiday?

ranking is the essence of the game. Ranking and competition. For example: if you are in a race, you should run second, it ran the first fall, at this time, you will think: "anyway, he fell down, I can relax? No! You will stand by the joy of heart, took the opportunity to sprint, than he otherwise. If he stood up, you may still fall behind.

during the Spring Festival holiday? This is a very worthy topic. Because there is such a word on the Internet: holiday is the best time ahead of the competition. Figure:

Why did

due to the holidays, peer flow will slow down or even decline, because there is no operation. At this time, if we can flow over him, then, the flow for the row >

: then what we more than

the reason is very simple: everyone Spring Festival holiday, peers are not do website, or relax in the. This is our ranking of the extremely good opportunity to counter attack. Do we do the work and rest together, God helps those who help themselves.

? !

, our counter attack is based on the data of optimization, then we heart alone. The Spring Festival is a holiday for 7 days or so, we could not let all the data have been improved, such as the page residence time and bounce rate, which belongs to the category of the user experience, need a long-term process operation and adjustment, will not be considered. So, do the chain, flow, update frequency of these three aspects, how should we start?

so, the best answer is

indeed, holiday, peers in the construction of the chain may be stalled. But you missed the point: the chain is the time effect is generally more than 2 weeks! Chain effect, to the Lantern festival. Just like when you run the first although the fall, but you to sprint from his time with 5 meters, he has stood up and started to run, you are still backward.

How to optimize the Since

friends may say: we’re going to send the chain

I have mentioned Shanghai dragon is to maintain the quantitative data in the previous post "relationship" and the quantitative factors of Shanghai dragon. Interested friends can search. The quantitative data in a good direction, can let you know the love of Shanghai is in progress, if your data is integrated over the Shanghai counterparts, love what is the reason not to put your website ranking up these data? What? All the quantitative data can be ranked as reference for example: the chain, such as the page residence time, such as bounce rate, such as traffic, such as the frequency of updates and so on.


so, we should how to counter attack? In fact, Shanghai dragon all basically can follow a clear idea to consider. First of all, we have to consider a problem:

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