Because the registration website ranking remedy closed after a month

1, first to do Links restoration work, because the site closed suddenly, not with friends of the chain webmaster to explain the situation, so there are many webmaster to my site links to the station, after all people "

3, website snapshot not update, because the site is closed, naturally did not have to update, snapshot jiubuyongti, spiders will not visit, inevitably right down naturally.

5, outside the chain, because we all know that love Shanghai for chain site is a chain, because the chain site included reducing, nature can also be lost, causing the right down.

4, included start to reduce, because we can not access the site spider, some of the content page will not be search engine identity, resulting in to delete.

The reduction of

believe that every webmaster all know, today’s record is quite difficult, we have to go to specialized at the record company to replace our record, but as the state of the more stringent, many cheating record will be cancelled, the site will not be spared, so the site was closed for a month. Just a few days off, the site’s ranking, included are there, but that is only love Shanghai database cache some of the data before, but in the small update after a week, ranking, included plummeted. Today I will share with you some experience, the whole process from the site close to the website ranking recovery summary, I hope you can help.

in the face of this situation, the author can be said to eat, eat not sweet. Sleep, sleep is not good, just a few days away a lot, after all by website for students. But this is not the way of things, with an old saying to describe is "people under the eaves, only this time again scold the Ministry, but also to implement remedial measures, saying it is back into the well, this time I stopped, but others in progress, what all don’t say, don’t complain, go to record it, after I began to record a series of preparations from being closed for second days, to the post in the Ministry, to approve, has been a month of time. This time I’m going to start my site rescue plan, the following is the rate of recovery side to share with you.

2, when we site the site of the home page, home page is not found in the first, which fully demonstrated website search engine right down.

1, we can fall from the main site keywords, and some for keywords ranking decline, these are right down the performance of the more obvious.

first, I want to say is the site closed the day, it is counted, weight every day at the site slowly decreased, heart is bitter could not say ah. When it comes to this may many webmasters will ask me how to look out a little bit of website is down right? Then I’ll tell you what, right down to some place.

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