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said the search engine rankings you will think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but today I want to share with you is how to use independent domain name website to do, but through the classified information network (58 city, go to the market, people… Do…) optimization and ranking, is that you do not have their own website Never mind, also can do the search engine rankings, this is not what advanced technology, I believe you after reading this article you can master, unless you do not need the customer and flow.


index query love analysis of the degree of competitionKeywords


search , a selection of key wordsEach keyword hidden behind

search if related pages have reached tens of millions or billions to prove it is very competitive, also can look at the first three pages of the website ranking, if all the recommended weight is very high or the top-level domain name to rank you use other keywords, because you are to participate in the rankings with classified information N many pages.

1-2 can know the keywords search users will search the keywords



before I contacted a number of specialized personnel in the classified information network promotion, are racking their brains to get traffic on the platform for the release of information, but ignore the love of Shanghai over the flow, not to mention the classified information network or other information release platform can also occupy the home of more than two or even more, when the product is light the greater the degree of your sales opportunities will be more, according to our mission.

Keywords search volume

2, the search drop-down box

is a group of people, how to find accurate customer website, how to find the high conversion rate of flow, so the selection of key words play a crucial role, presumably did love Shanghai for friends must have experienced much nonsense, direct explanation.

Three, choose the platform

ps: screening of large and very precise keywords this is very good, but can not row up to analyze keywords competition degree

recommend a tool to you, love Shanghai index query tool 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝, can know how many people are there in each keyword search, distribution in those areas.

, for example, your company is doing the eloquence training, by August 26th this Figure 1-1 can know the search keywords in the search engines love Shanghai reached 66 times, the word search users we can understand so, users want to find the eloquence training institutions in Shenzhen, if you happen to be in the Shenzhen that is very accurate customers.

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