Some websites restore the weights of the wise remark of an experienced person

Conclusion: the reasons why >

1, the initial increase in the number of blog Links too fast;

my blog has been a long time no update to the original Bowen, has always been a concern for my friends. Recently, life and work are busy, there has been no mood and time to update the site, just to reprint an article, reporting a.

my blog is about a month before the site down the right, start after the main core keywords to hundreds, after a week of time site has no home page, search engine is being deleted instead of ranking. From the beginning of the line on the website not to do over the station optimization, only in writing to pay more attention to the construction of the chain. Web site early online only included the home page, about 2 weeks after included a few pages, although the initial page is not much, but the proportion of the total station included percentage of page number is very low, with weekly love Shanghai update the inside pages included percentage increase gradually.

yesterday to see an article Lu Songsong mentioned that his blog was in love with altitude hair back half of course more let you have the confidence to insist, as to what you know. In the lower right during the layout and density of keywords made adjustments to the description of the title and modified, commented on the flashback to perfect the revision of the main purpose is to meet the user experience and search engine optimization, these changes since I don’t think of the right down the website affected, because as long as it meets the users is to meet search engine.

Links is an important chain of the way, when the first month after the line on the website about for nearly 15 Links, after a total of 27 Links changed. When I see the individual webmaster site is down right after the direct deleted my link, understand that here, at the same time there are many thanks in my website owners do not have the danger a fundamental solution to express my sincere thanks.

although it is not love Shanghai update day, but today when the relevant data in the inspection found that the site blog has come back home, all keywords have recovered a month ago ranking, mood is quite happy to say, was not very calm down the right, but not so excited, because I know what did very little work to do the optimization of the blog, the chain is more harmonious, so far there is not much thought, updated daily articles, comment, write soft article submission etc..

is down right may have three points:

site early online external link building is relatively small, but the chain construction site search engine submission, collection site submission, web site submission, Links exchange website. Where do some work in the forum posts and Links section, other major chain is the construction of blog comment. I pay more attention to the chain was reproduced after the soft article submission brings, also wrote "the webmaster should know the search engine query command" and related articles.

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