Shanghai love is how the hackers tampering with the snapshot

dim s_agent

path: Inc folder SysProduct.asp file inside the bottom add the following code:

GetBot=" "

; noble baby;


GetBot=" baidu"



write the purpose of this article is to expose a hacker means of cheating, but also to the neglect of enterprise website security station to wake up one. At the same time provide a simple method to find the whereabouts of the hacker chase.

GetBot=" noble baby "


I carried out the investigation, the customer’s site is using ASP source development. Find a file by hackers write a piece of code.

1, the hacker is how to modify the snapshot of the

end if

love Shanghai?

end function

a few days ago, my client telephone said his love Shanghai ranked no, query should love Shanghai label show content is the content of the website of a lottery platform. I know the website by hackers with malicious tampering illegal code, love Shanghai. (screenshot below)

Response.Redirect " 贵族宝贝*********" (jump site, guide love Shanghai crawl content)

if instr (1, s_agent, " baiduspider" > then

view "love Shanghai snapshot" there is a group of web advertising content jump. Our customers set the web site information disappeared.

end if

function Getbot (


s_agent=Request.ServerVariables (" HTTP_USER_AGENT"

0, 1)


if instr (1, s_agent, " bot", noble baby; 1 > 0 then

if GetBot=" baidu" or; GetBot=" " then

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