Shanghai Longfeng high quality content to a website can bring a higher score

everyone says that content is king, also know the search engine preference of high-quality content, so what is the quality of web content? Is there standard to judge whether the contents of the Shanghai dragon "brand high-quality? First of all to know what is the quality of the content? Some criteria below Changsha hidden guest website optimization the search engine analysis:


this is for love Shanghai, love Shanghai because from the recent moves, you can see the future original content will be "content rating and ranking key. So I suggest creating unique content, also recommend using the original title.

search engine, especially love Shanghai through social media hits and share rate to score, because the search engine is always mechanical, quality is difficult to completely determine the content, but the social media people’s behavior, is a very important reference.

3. web content can make readers into

1. page title to attract, and content of

is finally some technology and art factors, these are for example: friendly a commonplace talk of an old scholar, "can quickly browse interface; display; Web content (text, format, link) correctly and so on, especially the network.

simple content, the reader will seriously to read, or cause readers interest in web content, even more compelling exchange or for certain operations, in addition, can make the foreign readers to click on the link, especially related to the content of the page, the search engine is most in need of reference data, let the search engine to determine the quality of ".


many of the article on the network may see less than a second, let people want to leave. If your article so that readers can read, can to let readers to read it again, so that your content is quality.

can provide sufficient information to allow readers to understand the page’s theme, here is that readers are interested in reading, browsing the web will affect the time course data, the factors affecting on the ability of writing and picture information, of course, sufficient information is not recommended long, either online or real, no one love to see long article, if too long, that page or two articles.

5. is a

original web content

by the reader search action, search results and enables the reader to click, and then make the readers in the reading page, that page title and web content match, meet the readers’ expectations, more time reading can also help web rankings, where the management of workers can be judged according to the click rate and browsing time data.

is worth reading?

4. "get social media response

For example Because the

7. technology and art


2. "provides sufficient information for readers to understand the theme of

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