The site is being used for sealing station ban mail analysis

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, the original is a website to do his Links, then promised to help you promotion of the website. Is the nature of the flow exchange alliance. I try to enter your own web site, the input box also played a few days ah, advertising window, and a advertising, I think young people should not advertising, one day was spotted yellow website content.

I first search "what letter station", get a look, the original is a web page that is to enter your competition site in an input box, outside the chain of each competitor’s website will have a garbage site. That is if the garbage outside the chain too much, the site will be K, or even completely blocked. This is the theory? I am a bit puzzled, what people come up with this method.


summary: this email sent really good, can attract a lot of traffic. But his shortcomings, do website is really bad, by the means of flow, called "

K: 2011-11-5 0:00:43

station start time

all know, the more the chain, the site only, no harm, if any spam sites link to your website, K effect reached the point, I think, the rubbish site early by K, as for his genius to take care of the chain.

read the letters, just began to frighten me, but too small to not ah. I recently search rankings and flow is not what a big change, and I like this personal website, there is no rival what ah. Again, read the message, the original mail mainly to promote the two key words "love Shanghai included accelerator" and "what is the sealing station". Anyway, boring, went to see the two is what. Computer express

was free, just have a look " love Shanghai included what is a " accelerator.

NetEase email yesterday I received an e-mail content reads as follows:

The site of the

Hello, your site search ranking whether there are abnormal changes recently? Love Shanghai included just accelerator monitoring found that unknown persons frequently use what the sealing station tool, try to reduce your site search ranking, disappearing even let your site from search results love Shanghai. This may be your site for the competitors. In order to avoid the site included and flow to reduce possible losses, we recommend that you immediately use the love of Shanghai included accelerator (free) to protect the site, to avoid being K, and lifting the website ranking. K station K station IP activity report address: 123.138.24.*

: the expected duration of not less than one hour

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