Well the website ranking rose faster

noted that a "micro" in time to adjust the site, this tells us website you can adjust, but not large-scale changes, can be individual plates based on the current user needs to mobilize, but cannot speak the overall situation of disrupted website. Otherwise it can not be called web site revision but fine-tuning. The website does not meet many times will cause the audience, let users of this station is our business The loss outweighs the gain.

web site keywords ranking is a ranking cycle, generally normal cycle according to the keywords competition is closely related to the heat. However, if we cooperate with the needs of the industry and the search engine like reasonable modifications will shorten the keywords ranking cycle. How to modify the search engine to get the favor? With questions and the author Dennis together to look at

1, in order to stabilize the title, modify the improper weight reduction.

normally, normal ranking cycle is about 10 weeks, but if the corresponding keywords partial upset its ranking cycle will be shortened. We have to do is according to the user demand and competition data to modify the site, so as to shorten the cycle of the website ranking, as soon as possible to put keywords to search engine to go home. So, a word can be the first to see how long it takes to the home page is in the keywords competition degree; second is to see whether Shanghai dragon Er can reasonable "to" complete.


site optimization is a long process, in order to better improve the user experience, the web page is not unchanging, it usually is slightly adjusted to cater to the needs of users feel site audience.

2, page layout, fine adjustment, go to war lost audience.

does it mean that, once the site title cannot be changed? He thinks this is not desirable, knowing that if the Site Title Problems in order to extend the assessment period persist in wilfully and arbitrarily if not corrected it, later will get website promotion. How to modify? I suggest you modify the one-time Dennis in place, that is to say, in the line on the website, if found the site title problems, seriously affect the operation of the site later, then according to the needs of the industry, draw up the final title, a one-time correction, to avoid repeated modifications to the search engine brings "play fast and loose" impression.

of course this does not mean that the site is not revised, instead of users appreciate the values with the open network environment is a revision, we must keep pace with the times to keep using > Jincai

site title search engine spiders crawling the first place, it has also caused a lot of Shanghai dragon Er here to make a fuss. At the same time, we also know that once made the title of the site is not changed, because once changed titles like told spider on our website theme changed from the new study, please! This will extend the site assessment period, most probably it did not actually happen website ranking will also extend the cycle.

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