Nine Shanghai Dragon analysis of several methods of website promotion

two, nofollow and robots.txt promote the page included

A reasonable set of

this should be done in Shanghai Longfeng consensus, first said that the static page path, some CMS itself supports static or pseudo static pages, if the web site is the use of the content management system to do it really can save a lot of trouble, if the page path dynamic system using its own independent development. And that requires the use of regular expressions to set specific code, online search for a big push, I will not write out. Although love Shanghai in the search engine optimization guide in Shanghai is clear that love can capture the dynamic path, but we still try to set a static comparison, search engine crawlers in order to prevent falling into the "trap", so as to get a circle, or give consideration to the dynamic path, so simply set the static, the implementation of it is not difficult to. For example, the website itself, I used the dedecms system, so it is easy to set up a static system, and to the A5 official website itself is also used in dedecms, so the general not much technical strength of the owners, or the use of more mature CMS better, less holes, good stability.

at home for love Shanghai Shanghai dragon under the condition of the amount collected is undoubtedly a way to improve site traffic, but in large and small sites, the author found that included many sites is not satisfactory, some web page also contains only a few millions of thousands of pages, in accordance with the included ratio calculation, really is the nine one drop in the bucket. So, if the promotion site included, have what skills to enhance the collection ratio? The problem is to solve this problem, according to the Shanghai dragon experience, summarizes the following several methods to enhance the site of the amount collected.

, a shortened URL path static and URL characters in length

then I’ll talk to the length of this URL, I worked with a client’s website, let me super depressed, at the beginning of an article are not included, I check check to also don’t know why, I have the address directly copied to the Shanghai show that I love to his URL see light suddenly. Path of the file name is headline spelling, the title of an article Chinese characters long, then converted to Pinyin words long and surprisingly, love Shanghai length of grab is limited to 38 characters, then to modify the file name into digital form to solve. Static URL and the length is indeed an important factor influencing the amount of included.

I have optimized a recycling site, was used has been found that the site included only 1, and love Shanghai included shows the site title or address form, which makes me very depressed, my first consideration is not a server problem, but did not find any problems, then I thought that it might be robots settings, >

of the amount collected is to enhance the foundation

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