Love Shanghai site records show that speculation site information

from the macro perspective, it is also represent the general trend falls in love with the sea. Recently, some poor countries are vigorously rectify the content on the Internet, this not only involves a large number of literature websites, and some video website site types in rectification column. Love Shanghai as Chinese search engine first entrance, not only cooperation website, advertising website, Shanghai Longfeng website more, both of these sites depend on the existence of love Shanghai in what form, if there is a problem, will have a certain impact on the love of Shanghai, such as before much raise a Babel of criticism of the fake events.

Chinaz Site

A5 Site


the webmaster website

of course, the most important is to love Shanghai for search engines to optimize and improve. The first is to rectify the Shanghai dragon website, to curb the adverse development of Shanghai dragon culture, then launched the love Shanghai credit rating assessment, followed by site information and safety evaluation, at the same time, Shanghai in the implementation of a variety of love >

recently in the routine inspection site Links when some friends of the chain site site found that inadvertently became the 2. home position under the curious site of your website from 1, the results are as follows:

small site

in order to prove that small is not dizzy, again site once A5 and Chinaz and some other more well-known sites, results with small sites, in the first site, love Shanghai not only out of the record information website, but also for the collection, the security level of the site to do a detailed analysis.

another reason is the impact of network security. With the development of science and technology, the Internet technology becomes more mature, people pay more attention for the higher network security. But due to various reasons, the network security is still a gap between the front in the development of the internet. For users, the Internet security is the most basic personal safety and the safety of funds. While Site records can show the security level of the site, to remind users to pay attention to the security level of the low site, so beware of loss due to poor access to the site.

website the webmaster website

for the site information display, for the majority of owners and users, is a good thing. For the webmaster, not through the main information website webmaster tools can be detected, and the information is detected from love Shanghai official, either efficiency or convenience than third party testing results of webmaster tools are more useful, webmaster can use these to understand the diagnosis to optimize the conditions of the website, and for the problem for rectification. For users, we know the basic information about the site in to visit the website before, can improve the user’s vigilance so as to reduce the risk of poor access to the site and the resulting loss.

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