Love Shanghai from the tragic case suspect reform continued to see the effect of the user click


yesterday love Shanghai home also ranked 2 in the station page, I guess the user clicks through to the sea with the situation to decide which pages will be recommended to the user, because the love of Shanghai is generally not recommended a few pages of the same site, so there must be a decision, one is Shanghai Dragon arrangement page, a love of Shanghai according to the candidate page to determine some mysterious algorithm which, in this case, logically, the decision should be delivered to the user, which should include the user clicks and access depth and residence time. According to this conjecture, yesterday made a number of "unconventional" click, you know. With the word search volume is normal, and did not do more.


, today to find it, as I expected, really only one page, but the product page, no way, look at yesterday’s click it, first look at the love Shanghai statistical background, "total access to the word of GSHP" is 10. (as an aside, now popular words is not reliable ah, 2 row home page at the same time also not what clicks, are to promote bidding and love Shanghai products accounted for more than 1000, another index of the word "central air conditioning" is also home, 8 bids, 5 love Shanghai, cheating!)

then yesterday’s Web log down, because the product page access number is relatively small, the data is easy to find, first look at this page origin address, after a screening (log view and simple screening please see another article "my fat in the A5 how to use Excel easy IIS log analysis"), only a few suspicious address, and then click to see a stupid way, which is the GSHP search, yellow is the result:

the quality is certainly not the natural search to high, can only say that now people are too lazy to change the search box, you can not delay what ah! Do 3, 2 are the same, no wonder.

However, after


boy, should be accounted for 5 places, checked the IP PV and the few I do unconventional click ah, why let me down the page to check the log? Now, see the visit website, it is a screening, found a few home page a browser to address antecedents, copy paste, almost did not give me gas back in the past, married to a bad husband sigh ah, what is not said, look at the picture:

Hello, yesterday wrote an article "love Shanghai reform conjecture: no longer easily arranged", was honoured by the A5 page recommendation, thank you very much. Mainly through a keyword that you love Shanghai’s latest ranking policy which pays more attention to, because this is a continuation of the previous article, so if there are new friends can look at an article.

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