How to judge the quality of the chain


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we all know, many websites, even just open the website once indexed by search engines will have very high weight. This is mainly manifested in the medical education industry, industry, industry and industry government website. Webmaster do chain in these industries on the site, although the correlation is not necessarily consistent with the content of the website, but once it is included, it is regarded as the high quality of the chain. The reason of this kind of website weight is relatively high, the reason is very simple, because the contents of these websites are original, the main reason is because the site is related to the country, of course we are not these personal webmaster or other webmasters can match. The website engine even manual weight in order to meet the national policy to improve. Like this kind of domain name can be registered only government agencies, individual stationmaster is in any case can not be registered, this is another note from the government website weight class must generally have relatively high.

"chain", this is often the webmaster mentioned words, I believe we listen to the ears from the cocoon, but it is undeniable that, each chain of the site plays a role that is beyond doubt. The snapshot update frequency on the chain, the website keyword ranking test chain, website page included the number depends on the chain, but I want to say is not what the chain is good to the website on the contrary, the low quality of the chain do not do as well. How can we judge the quality of the website chain?

the second method is mainly from the site itself as the starting point, to judge the quality of the website chain through the number of snapshots and observe their website, but method three is issued two extension, that is the chain of similar competition through the website. For example, we are doing "mobile phone purchase" the words, we can look at similar sites especially those websites weight than their own website weight high, analyze their site outside the chain through the webmaster tools, see where they put in the construction of the chain, through the contrast snapshot, we can easily determine which is the high quality of the chain.

from the time point of view, the quality of the chain to retain the longer the chain is also higher. The search engine every day to visit each of the content of a web site update frequency, the chain construction site, a long time, the low quality of the external links will be gradually eliminated. Those who remain for half a year, a year or even two years outside the chain is the chain search engine recognition, this is undoubtedly the high quality chain. But this kind of judgment is not easy, this need long-term observation, accumulation. Through daily observation chain snapshot of your site, the number of the chain, to determine what is outside the chain of high quality, which is the low quality of the chain.

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