Love Shanghai to update the site that why hair

three, love Shanghai share "cheating" caused

do is based on the pseudo original, relatively high readability, and keywords ranking may be the support of the chain of today, the role of the chain is quite obvious, when the chain stability of their hair, the range of keywords ranking fluctuation is generally not too big, so the competition is not the key words when we do it, we found that the ranking stability is quite good, personally think that the site was plucking may be with your web site on which.


site in the hair before are very normal, updated daily snapshot, but to modify the contents of the small station, I found love Shanghai not updated snapshot, followed by site was plucked the phenomenon, perhaps this is because the small changes caused; here the new website do not recommend to randomly change it, especially the title of the site, many webmaster is always unable to control its modification; originally new sites will enter the examination stage love Shanghai, a us to modify it, so our website evaluation may need to extend the time.

love Shanghai share appears to be a very good thing, but the use of this tool, it found that the site has some of the more unusual phenomenon, such as the website snapshot is updated, but has been included on the go, observed some plucking sites found, they also have to install this tool, and share the number is also a lot of people think the numerous websites to be plucked may have a relationship with this thing, in fact, love Shanghai share is not much significance for the new station, especially because the brush sharing website users rarely, this may not have so much to share the risk, especially some content is not what website share, too much may be a problem.

love Shanghai internal data error causes the website abnormal phenomenon is from occurring, but the duration is not too long, short one or two weeks corrected long, generally one to two weeks will return to normal, the number of website.

The content of the website

two, a small modification which leads to

recently updated algorithm love Shanghai, a station of their love is very unfortunate, elevation of hair, a home alone, but found that the keyword ranking is still very strong, once ranked keywords still maintained, no ranking keywords also achieved a good ranking, which makes we are wondering, general website right down, the most direct manifestation is to keywords ranking disappear; but this abnormal phenomenon occurs not only in their own website, about the website found that many friends have a similar situation, it is confusing, a simple analysis of the website and according to their website optimization speculation several reasons for plucking (purely personal guess):

, a website content quality is not high due to

four, love Shanghai data errors

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