Search ranking domain level link characteristics of the biggest influence search rankings

page keyword use and ranking is very low;

page link level characteristics, such as page permissions (0.37) and links to separate IP address number (0.31), showed the strongest correlation;

title (8.34);

The Expert Unique

Moz annual report surveyed 17600 keywords nobility baby of search results, and interviewed 150 experts search.

Some related All features of The

79% of respondents believe that the quantity and quality of the search results page immediately;


from the authority of the site (7.78).

domain level – link (8.22);

81% that the impact analysis of the web site or page perceived value will increase;

page link level index (8.19);

Experts think

88% search experts believe that the impact of mobile friendly will increase;

Moz also includes how some factors will change the noble baby ranking algorithm:

search experts are not sure the domain level keyword usage (5.88) and page level (3.98) the influence of social indicators.

page content (7.85);


search experts also evaluates some individual factors:

page level keywords and content index (7.87).

use HTTPS only a small positive effect (0.04), almost negligible;

67% accessibility design and ease of use of the impact will increase.

The number of the original link The correlation between The

social and brand features include Facebook (0.27) and a baby (0.27) + share and ranking some correlation, Moz believes that although there is reason to believe that the noble baby in the algorithm does not directly use social sharing, but through social sharing can get two Shanghai Longfeng benefits".

67% search expert selection hits and the residence time of such usage data;


domain hosting page links and ranking, but do not want to link to the page level index so strong;

in other words, the quality of the content and the link is still an important factor in ranking search.

survey ranked the most influential factors (10 points):

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