Shanghai Longfeng children’s essential collection optimizing the operation flow of project introduct

includes 1, the operation is difficult to judge the degree of search volume keywords according to the industry, optimize the site to determine the number of keywords in hot degree. We identify the site main competitors from 10 sites of the home page, the key analysis (words difficult circumstances, will take into account the analysis of second pages, third pages of the site, 2) analysis: competitors website, the website optimization. The station and the station on the rival site analysis, the main analysis of the data: the domain name history, internal external included, included, the type of resources, resources and data statistics. The station includes the analysis of site title, description, keyword density, keywords layout, site structure, site level, combined with the analysis of competitors, the station adjustment. While standing outside analysis includes the chain resources type, link weight content. In this stage, the website and keywords are very important to the specific, can grasp what time the word line. It should be noted that the keyword analysis must be accurate, comprehensive. The analysis in addition to consider the degree of difficulty keywords on-line, but also consider how to bring customers more traffic, that is also to search for relatively large flow of words. If it is difficult to do, can optimize the site layout of some large flow of long tail keywords.

, the third step is to formulate and implement the project operation plan.

mainly includes 1. confirmed optimization domain 2. keyword optimization on the 3. cycle of 4. confirmed money problems confirm the operation of the 5. customer contact (contact telephone, mail, etc.). It should be noted that some customers is to provide a website, and some customers is to confirm our own domain name. Whether or not the construction site, must confirm customer needs. Keep communicating with customers, allow customers to feel the quality of our service.

the second step is to analyze project operation competition degree.

first step is to confirm the basic information of the project.


plans to consider the project leader, project execution team, project schedule and detailed operation plan. According to the analysis of competitor data to determine the site included internal objectives and external sites included target; determine the operating period through the analysis, and stage division, set up monitoring points corresponding. Project plan should be detailed, including the chain and site news products >

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization services children’s shoes, grasp the optimization project operation process is the basic skill of Shanghai dragon, but also good service users at all. Understand the project operation process can help us better the details of the operation and control of the project project schedule, results in order to better ensure the operation of the project. Then, the optimization of project operation process what? Usually operation process under the project, mainly divided into five parts, which are as follows:


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