The actual analysis the importance of the chain web site

chain we all know this, but the importance of the site within the chain webmasters may ignore, we should not only consider the keywords ranking consider PV, IP, the Shanghai dragon bounce rate. A good inside chain arrangement can not only enhance the spider crawling rate, but also improve the user viscosity is very helpful for conversion.

The content of the website and the importance of the

as for the left and wonderful, but we can’t manage the blog application of sina’s own website we can reasonable, can be articles and advertisements and mixed together and not all ads, pictures and articles title to attract the user’s role is very big. Don’t think the station optimization can step, the user needs us to constantly.

Sina blog case is very well understood, as shown in figure I a screenshot of the part of the page on top of the navigation are the same: what is the difference, the left there is a related blog and blog recommendation I have screenshots we can according to their own Sina blog control. In the construction of the chain must be based on the quality of your clearance, if others haven’t finished browsing you below the article above work would be in vain, for this page we can operate only the more of my articles and the hyperlink, better than the following related articles in the website "for different reasons and Solutions" "website snapshot of different reasons and solutions of" two of the two articles. In this paper we can directly add anchor text links to guide the user to browse, the anchor text is of value and function rather than we deliberately in the article we need to add a keyword, if not the user needs we shouldn’t do, because no one will click on the link later designated as spam links category.



spiders are connected by crawling the page, either within the page or home page to our website, most access entrance is the home page, but the content of the website can not be displayed on the home page, then we will be in the home page provides links or the probability of crawling within the pages of text or at the end of this paper to provide the corresponding links that will improve the inside pages of the exposure rate increase can be included in the spider.

?We take a look at the following

I found many webmaster love Links at the bottom or on the site to increase your website home page link, that is a very wrong approach. Because that will follow the link to the spider crawling to your site will fall into the endless cycle of waste the resources of search engines, there is a non matching station weight is based on active degree (PV value) set, and the weights are assigned to the station if the page weight inside pages is not so low? Many webmaster put N keywords even long tail word on the title page to do rankings, so even if the rankings do up is not stable, the user search phrases to find the content they want to search the long tail word, and you give your page is a page that is not cheating them out of? The rate is not high to

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