Shanghai Longfeng to high standard low target

don’t get me wrong, I understand business owners want to put the site in a keyword or the long tail do eager idea from the search engine home page second. I also know that their product sales may be several times or more than 10 times as long.

in Shanghai dragon circles a few years friends all know that now is Shanghai dragon due to attention and competition has become fierce. The search engines "and compared to a few years ago it was turned over several times, or even millions of times. Especially for the row in the search engine home page of the website, their experience is certainly true. It can be said that it was "dangerous" in Shanghai Longfeng, day had a very careful feeling, for fear of their own good site was suddenly search engine K. A few years ago in Shanghai Longfeng gold period, almost all sites are not thought of as a search engine change. Only a handful of owners in order to adapt to the principle of search engines and their own site to add a few keywords to Meta tags, so a fool operation for them to peer in the network world is far away.

like entertainment "eat"

now seems to be the original results and draw further apart. Even if the degree of competition is low to almost no one search keywords, such as " " natural stone floor; it appears in your website, your website does not necessarily have a good ranking. Unless you really understand the search engine search habits, to do some meaningful things on that basis. Even today, your keywords do a position on the home page, you can see the whereabouts of tomorrow. I think this is because the new business and new website has brought this phenomenon to show the most incisive. If your site is not a few years of life, you want to put your website provider in Shanghai Longfeng do psychological satisfaction ranking that is more difficult. This is the Shanghai dragon was the industry that is the key to the permanent topic.

when we talk about the industry, the website owner, webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er should put their attention from the website keyword search volume ranking of how to capture more of the "prey", so as to put those potential customers into real customers. Unfortunately, most people look at the Shanghai dragon view or narrow. For example, when I asked the customer to do Shanghai dragon’s goal is what. They replied: I do love this keyword or Google’s top five in Shanghai. Oh, that’s not your business goals, business goals!! how have to say is to those who are looking for our products online customers into our website, resulting in transaction. (once a guy put his whole flash website to me to his website to " Zhejiang money " do the home page, I refused, and he did not talk about.


cares about is your "prey" instead of a simple ranking

The degree of competition in today’s Shanghai dragon

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