The geographic location of impact on the future of the Shanghai Dragon

more than three kinds of forms are relatively common, especially foreign websites, more attention to understand and search engine positioning effect. Many languages are universal, such as English, is the official language in many countries, but different people use the same search engine, search for the same keyword results may vary greatly. So webmaster first to give your site positioning, must be aware of their target customer base in the country, and through some of the details (such as domain name suffix, host IP, page language, local merchants landing) affect their sites in the target country (or region) ranking, and not see myself ranking.

two, search engine to judge. With the development of the Internet, search engine has become more and more intelligent, it will analyze and judge according to the geographical location and the user of the account to fill out the address and other relevant information in the user search keywords, will be returned to the user location matching results. The Beijing users search results will be dominated by Beijing service providers, users will see the Shanghai based in Shanghai. Not only Chinese search engines such as English.

location is already a trend in the future, the search engine to provide more personalized service, is bound to impact will take into account the location of the user search results. So, as much as possible understanding of search engine, not only can create more opportunities for themselves, but also more services to users. Only the user can get good service, your site is of value. Well, this paper.

, a search word contains names. This is the most intuitive form of the most common. A search for "Beijing car" and "Shenzhen car" two words, return the results must be different, although the results of some of the page is a website, but the user sees is certainly not the same.

with the development of the search engine, vertical search results appear more and more obvious, especially the noble baby will return to include maps, video, news and other comprehensive information to users. Effect of which also of course including geographical location and return different search results. The geographical location, is the search engine to return different results according to the location characteristics of user location and keyword itself. The geographical location is one of the forms of search. There will be several forms of geographical location.

three, the search engine version different results. This situation is more obvious especially the noble baby. There are many noble baby version must have difference with the algorithm and data, which is the search engine to meet the users all over to strategy. So, although the search with a keyword, but different versions are returned to the user’s results are not the same.

English website people often encounter such a situation, in the computer search with a keyword ranking sometimes is not the same, even the difference is very big, many webmaster friends may say is the search engine database not update the cause, in fact, is the geographical location in action in general.

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