And love Shanghai bidding advisory fee click dispute

3, Shanghai love is click charges, not by the access fee, as long as there is no access to your website, this is the fee, this is not displayed in the statistical tools in. For example, someone clicked immediately closed, don’t into your website, this is to chargeback, chargeback system only for billing, not synchronized with love Shanghai statistical tools. (what ah, this I do not understand, you say you love Shanghai is a tool of this loophole, but you can not allow consumers to pay for this? Suanlaisuanqu, equal love Shanghai buckle fee is reasonable, finally we do the bidding of the user, or do not know their costs there.

1, a computer device also has a mobile device click, click, click on the mobile device is not seen in real-time access to the. (OK, I can understand this, so every day I do report, fasten the cost of mobile list)

is the meaning of leadership, not afraid to spend money, but money to know that, in order to complete the task of the leader, every day I will be issued two statements: 1, the day before the payment details (love Shanghai promotion background data analysis available) real-time visitor clicks on schedule 2, love Shanghai statistics.


2, and access is not valid, invalid access is also deducted the cost, also can not display real-time access inside. (OK, I understand that, in the day from invalid access found in a number of


since July this year the company website page rank diaoguang overnight, no way from the new use of love Shanghai auction, who make our products according to love Shanghai survive it.

I love Shanghai explained that the same IP and click on the button a fee only, this is impossible, after every four months to check the statistical analysis report, is the same IP, click on the search – – close – Search – click – off from such operations, each time fee deduction because of this, peer malicious click, love Shanghai promotion is not divided into municipal area, only can choose whether to open our municipal area selection, in the peer malicious clicks, shielding IP, the other for the IP from the complex of malicious click, I can only choose to put the whole province to get rid of, to prevent peer the province malicious click.

three years ago. Any word of bidding price not to exceed 3 yuan, 1 yuan more than most can, now subject to bid 15 yuan or more to occupy the top five, which >

asked me why two statements do not, I said that I really don’t love, because Shanghai is so buckle, unless don’t do the bidding, but who is the boss now let love Shanghai.

the second thing is: I often two statements on the list, is always charge more, real-time access to only a little, for example, one word of the day I had deducted 4 fee, but I love Shanghai in the statistical tools only see 2 times, while the other two times the cost is lost, in N with love consultant in Shanghai after the communication, the other explanation is the following:

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