Analysis of Shanghai Dragon website ranking is keep out

website optimization in order to achieve a good ranking, most owners worry that. No ranking site like the face of a bottomless pit into no return. In fact, most of the webmaster is facing such a situation, the Internet development roads, but the crisis is also heavy. How to get the weight of high ranking website, the station has been in search of answers, after all the traffic to survival and development, otherwise the end is empty. Today the binary analysis here Shanghai Longfeng, argues that "keep out of the rankings, if your site has no ranking is maintained in a" half-dead ", hope the computer you can stay for two minutes.

C: contact your circle of friends and contacts on behalf of the money to this sentence is actually justified. To see the situation from the business competition also can now, every blogger all can mobilize forces launched to spice up the chain in order to win the final success in doing everything. Website launch around you and know more friends say hello, can guarantee the chain on the line after the best. Of course, communication circle is not a day for two days can be perfected, more than usual and peer exchange. Be easy-going and generous, can help each other to try to help, you will also encounter problems in.

website development, the development of the first starting point will be higher than the opponent was more rapid in competitive industry. The basic training including website launch improvement, and prepare the on-line planning task.

A: the stability of the server, the server is the site root root. But the choice of a good stable server is not a simple matter, in this case most owners have for their service providers not satisfied can be known. How to choose a stable server? The only server in two areas: Beijing, Shanghai area recommended server, of course is just personal opinion, compared to the city, the greater the higher the degree of competition, the server is also better. Binary is currently using the virtual host network, although the price of some high service but does not say, and the stability is very strong.

How to go to the based training site

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B: perfect the website of the whole line of some Adsense always done on the site after the initial structure is eager to, this is understandable, time is money. However, in a hurry but also missed a lot of problems, such as keyword positioning is not quite accurate, the weights of the distribution chain is not clear whether the level of content is not rich, empty. If the launch will be the perfect, change it without the line, relative to the search engine is friendly. And the search engine are taboo on-line also frequently do website changes. If want to change it, I recommend three months later, three months ago, the goal is very simple, do not give yourself too high: stability. Only this, his heart is not resistant to a press down, because you are the one to do big things, rather than an impulsive child.

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