Google punish retail website Overstock hold down their search rankings

Google did not disclose the details of the event, said the company’s policy does not allow discussion of a particular website. A Google spokesman said, Google’s goal is to "provide the most relevant information as possible". He also said: "24 hours every day trying to deceive Google search results ranking event."

Overstock CEO Patrick · Byrne (Patrick Byrne) said: "Google clearly pointed out, they think that these links should not affect the search algorithm. We understand that Google’s position, and make the appropriate adjustments according to the Google code."

Overstock said that this event was initially attributed to the site to encourage students and teachers to release and Overstock discounts at the link in the University website. Overstock said it received a warning of the Google, the site has stopped in February 10th of this activity, but some of the college network administrator not to delete these links.

page of Overstock’s website recently suddenly rose to a keyword search results, these words include "vacuum cleaner" and "laptop computer". But starting Tuesday, link down to Google search results to the Overstock web site of the fifth or sixth pages, which greatly reduces the possibility of users click on these links.

At the top of the Sina

Internet search experts said, compared with the commercial website, and educational institutions, paying more attention on the site in Google search algorithm. If there is more than one end in ".Edu" website links to a page, then the page in Google search results in the ranking will rise.

and Overstock related event is Google two weeks to make the second large retailers punitive measures. Earlier this month, "New York Times" reported that Google J.C. Penny down link ranking, said the retailer to hire external companies to search engine optimization. J.C. Penny said, do not know the relevant events, nor authorize other companies to do so. (Wei Jin

technology news Beijing time on February 24th morning news, Google said on Wednesday that the retail website Overstock贵族宝贝 in violation of the no manual intervention search results ranking rules, therefore decided in the search results of the site ranked low pressure.


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