How overcome the fatigue state of Shanghai dragon be sleepy straws novice optimization

involved in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the first item is mostly by the network myth of wealth has been successfully a shot with blood, emotional excitement in the field. Indeed, a super profitable website can really make us feel passionate, as long as do outside the chain, as long as there is a good ranking in the search engine, the user will access the site Everfount, with the site conversion rate increasing, the kind of money to sleep feeling, let a lot of people to look forward to but! Really took the road to the site optimization, but in a few days it’s falling from the sky, Shanghai Dragon said simply is actually very simple, is to do the external links and content updates, especially the hair of the chain, in the network to find no marginal diffuse, registered accounts, and then a little bit from irrigation. Passion become a boring life, even be sleepy straws.

A lot of

is engaged in an industry, whether it is business or business website in reality, we chose this profession, it must be full of interest, otherwise, not obsession. The successful model of the Internet allows many people to see hope, to make money at home, can become free of occupation, living a life, no longer under the light of heart from care, no longer wary of doing things by the boss…… Because of these good wishes, many people began to website business! Say to do a website, and then to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so as to get a lot of money income.

there is a need to pay attention to is the first to Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon website optimization, most people are full of passion, mentality. Shanghai Longfeng optimization process is a long process, even Shanghai Longfeng optimization process requires super strength endurance, should not only bear the search engine "play the gangster", just the replacement algorithm, and also the competition between peers, but also to endure loneliness, for those black hat means, the so-called short-term profit "cheating" means to the temptation is not anxious, but also loneliness, uniting the real Shanghai dragon master, and not a day two.

Shanghai Longfeng people at the beginning of may be sleepy straws, website promotion people have this experience! Why do we feel is hoped to be sleepy straws, countless outside the chain, very high weight website, is the ultimate goal of living machine search engine spiders affection, let it come every day, every day take a snapshot of the site. Love Shanghai search engine that although the process is similar to human perceptual activities, but fundamentally speaking, it is actually a machine, each of us is Shanghai Longfeng workers, and the machine is the biggest difference, the machine work in accordance with the procedures, as long as the program is no problem, it will always work tirelessly however, people are different, when working for a certain time, people will be tired and need to rest. So, the best way is to avoid be sleepy straws, robots and robots don’t knock hard thinking, and ultimately hurt or themselves. Do exterior link is very hard, but we have to have a degree, insist on doing it every day, instead of daily consumption of the body do limit to rest.

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