Create a website Qingming let Shanghai do majestic and Grand Dragon

third, in technique, big and fine hand combined, good at choosing who has both the vivid and rich and the essential characteristics of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, things, scene and plot to show.


nonsense not say, get on the floor. In the encyclopedia I learned riverside art characteristics are three:

in addition, links are to be rich, here is the quality and quantity of the chain. I think the high quality of the chain requirements:

Hello, I am the rose. Tomb-sweeping Day holiday has begun, I am very tragic not to rest, because after the cousin married to go home, just off a bit. To tell the truth, I just like the wind machine, tirelessly trying to struggle to make money, can not stop feeling. Gossip not say, Tomb-sweeping Day to tidy up, but also to write an article on the Tomb-sweeping Day article, am still not what good writing, go inside and see some encyclopedia introduce the Qingming Festival on the river, suddenly found some inspiration. So sometimes you can find no inspiration when an article, or you think you can write out the topic just a look, maybe you will find.

The diversity of

is rich in content.

A, the chain. The chain has three kinds: the anchor text of the chain (the chain keywords do), the chain can click (such as www.x>

here believe that experienced Adsense all understand, a content rich web site than the one only have a web site more convincing, but also bring more information to the user, giving the best user experience. So the content must be possible to do fine, make the essence of content is king in the wonderful interpretation of our hands.

second, the structure is rigorous, complex but not chaotic, long and not redundant, paragraphs.

1, the website of Shanghai dragon is to do is rich in content, also to do outside the chain of the rich.

is a good content quality, quantity is two. Matter inside is divided into fine content, mainly to do with professional typesetting clear, fluent sentence is reasonable, has certain skills, in addition to the expression of certain useful right related authoritative knowledge, sometimes can also talk about the original view. Said the amount is how much of the contents of the article, can be divided into the amount of how much, how much of a knowledge of the amount of the number of all the knowledge points of the amount of the number of all the contents of a website content.

these three points all coincide with some skills of website of Shanghai Longfeng, many of these things are the same, the main thing is to see how we go to understand, to think. Let me finish this three some of the ideas, in fact I think simple can be summed up in one sentence: to build a website qingmingshanghetu, let Shanghai dragon make it easier. And the specific methods should start from three aspects.


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