The website ranking only need to do 4

we know that search engines do not love, not capricious, often play fast and loose qualitative website. For those sites often revision, the search engine will give the corresponding punishment. But for users, the same website, also can make them feel fresh, not boring. Between the user and the search engine, it will make our webmaster tangled, but we are all living in the search engine under the eaves, had to bow. So, we have no special needs in the revision of the case, try not to be revised, of course, if the latter is developed, the old customers have enough for you to use, or well-known play out, you do not need to search engine rankings, then you can focus on the user experience. But remember, if you >

web server in addition to the stable and safe, the stable one is to avoid the website open speed slow affect the user experience, on the other hand is to ensure that the site can be opened to ensure normal normal spider crawling. Whether or not the user spider love slow access speed or on site server every two or three days, maybe a little better temper users may switch to other web pages, it is loaded and then point out the reading, but the spider is not the same, if you often appear this kind of situation, it will drop you this website is not included in the trusted sites the light, as can be imagined the snapshot abnormalities included drop, weight is directly pulled hair K station. We have to do security work in the server that the server is stable at the same time, the Internet now is very fierce competition, of course, there are a lot of vicious competition, and there are many hackers, you accidentally, the server is attacked, was put on a pile of out of order of the chain, ushered in the result is self-evident, ranking is down can hardly be avoided.

so that the majority of Shanghai may not be the Dragon sleep website construction, website optimization promotion is not in the middle, but later keywords ranking up how stable is the so-called Jiangshan easy to attack and hard to defend! When the website is not ranking we may not have too much pressure, instead we will be complacent, because he early in the website construction to promote middle we have tasted the sweetness of nature, will not have too much pressure. However, when we finally put keywords optimization up, from the ranking, obtain relatively substantial benefits in traffic, we would hope that this interest continues, the throne of home do not want to be replaced by other sites, so it will produce considerable. Just like the ancient emperor to habit, you have to let him when people are clearly not willing to, but the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years, you do not pay attention, it will be Gaizhaohuanxing jiangshan. Similarly, Shanghai dragon circles also, if you pay attention, you can page ranking on the way down, a thousand miles to go. If can let the website ranking stable does not decline below the second-hand car? Youyou network Xiaobian from 4 aspects to discuss, I hope a little help to the webmaster.

No.1 web server;


No.2 website;

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