The search engine website quality rating

love Shanghai weight for the site quality rating is a very important factor, is an important site level and user needs a direct experience, but also the overall situation of the website is a concentrated, so the general weight high website represents high credibility and authority, which is the key site for rating.

included speed

first, the search engine with a number of excellent quality of the artificial mining site, as the basic set of database system, reduce the cost of anti anti cheat system, improve the stability and authority of the retrieval results, reduce the adverse reaction of the user, selected collection of user experience, feature extraction of these pages. For example:

some information on the site is very rich, especially some kind of comprehensive news website even this kind of web blog, forums and other products. When new information is abundant, in just a few seconds will be love Shanghai crawl, and released by keywords to search.

on a high quality website crawling can certainly get more quality resources, can save a lot of time. Love Shanghai is certainly not the same for Sina and the degree of grasping of small sites, so the quality of the site is to determine the site level by rating, to grasp the degree, so as to improve the efficiency of the spider. This is equivalent to an enterprise to recruit talent, not a person to study, in order to save time, many companies will pay attention to graduation certificate, and this is for job seekers have a rating, middle and high schools, universities, graduate students, a high credit rating will naturally more enterprises interview the opportunity, even higher ratings do not interview posts directly. The search engine is certainly low rating for the new station, also included; for the general station level will be high, grab frequency and quantity will slowly change; and for some of the well-known station is basically constant in the crawl, and basically no audit, directly included, which not only improve the efficiency of search engines, but also meet the most of the needs of users.


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rating?It is evident that the


rating is not a simple manual to complete, part of the site will be human judgement, and most of them need more intelligent methods, the calculation of data automatically discovered the law to complete quality ratings in the station.

with the rapid development of Internet, more and more information of the Internet, the website on the Internet more and more, and we all know that the search engine could not crawl web page information included all of the love Shanghai official also made it clear that the spider can only crawl to as much as possible valuable resources and maintain a consistent page system and the actual environment the search engine is to as quickly as possible and find links to resources, improve the efficiency of capture, only in this way can satisfy most of the web spider. Because the crawling included so for different web search engines are not the same, it is necessary to carry out quality rating on the website.

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