What are the benefits of long tail keywords

long tail keywords bring customers into the site products than the target keywords much higher probability. From the numerous customer data analysis, input the user search keywords increasingly long tail. A large number of long tail keywords and target keywords extended out can bring the following benefits:

target refers to the main keywords through the analysis to determine the. Generally speaking, the target keyword refers to your product or service target customers may be used to search keywords, short and hot, but the customer’s purchase intention is not clear.

long tail keywords usually obscure words or phrases, or even a sentence. When many users use search engines, are likely to enter some unexpected things. For example, the medical industry, the user may enter the "diabetes", "diabetes treatment lights", even "where treatment of diabetes and other such phrases or sentences. Most of the time, according to the template keyword optimization and modification of the link structure adjustment and page structure adjustment, so that the keyword and page optimization accords with the rule of calculation of the search engine, and have a better user experience.

The benefits of

benefits: optimization of long tail keywords, can improve the flow of

in Shanghai Dragon technology, website on non target key words but also can bring the flow of search keywords, called long tail keywords. The characteristics of long tail keywords is relatively long, often 2 to 3 words or even phrases, the search quantity is very few, and unstable.

No matter how high

two benefits: from the user perspective, long tail keywords can improve the conversion rate.

flow rate, improve conversion rate is the ultimate goal. If you work in the medical industry, you need to through the network to promote diabetes, customers through the long tail word "how to treat diabetes" search than to click on the target keywords "diabetes" users to search more detailed information. Obviously, more demand and presentation of the former website content, so the user clicks over the possibility of the former consultation more likely to enhance the conversion rate is greater.

after ZhengZhan optimization, and feedback through the data flow monitoring project, which increase site traffic, even several times over. The biggest characteristic of long tail keywords optimization is not a specified keyword, but with the increase of the contents of the long tail and use reasonably, search engine will automatically extract a lot of key word order.

long tail keywords

on the one hand, Shanghai dragon tail optimization strategy can bring considerable traffic and conversion rate for the website; on the other hand, do competitive rankings, competitors can not spend more energy to think of hundreds of long tail words, thus greatly reduce the possibility of malicious click. Reduce the vicious competition, return on investment is relatively increased.

The benefits of Keywords

three for PPC, long tail keywords optimization can reasonably control the cost of advertising, improve ROI (ROI)

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