The present site optimization as Shanghai dragon Er we should highlight their value through those as

The first

as everyone knows, the website optimization process many times, whether we as a webmaster at the job or whether to get the boss’s identity, some basic things that we should try to improve the ER as Shanghai dragon and show, as a webmaster website is a reflection of our friends and our value, the author through some details and we detailed analysis, as a webmaster we should highlight their value through those aspects.

case, their optimization is to prove their best weight. This is especially reflected in when applying for the job is the most obvious, many interviewers will ask for their understanding and view of the industry, for the website optimization process had been optimized case, because they do not understand themselves, only through some have done keywords website optimization analysis of your ability through the analysis of the key words, the heat can determine their current position in optimization technology. So, as a Shanghai dragon before applying our employees must pay attention to the interpretation and analysis carefully about their former case. Selected some typical representative cases, as long as you can reflect the level of the. Many webmaster is my site optimization this is undoubtedly the best way to display the image.

second, a comprehensive comprehensive technological literacy and industry experience. We know that in the optimization process to get the approval of others for their own, we can not only rely on the Shanghai Dragon technology, should improve the overall quality of all aspects of their own, many of the current enterprise website requires complex comprehensive talents, such as construction, beauty industry, and optimize the code to understand some of the basic a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises are very popular talents, so I suggest in the optimization process must enhance their own website optimization about other related technology learning, we have to apply for the job as an example, as long as have excellent technology and experience, good work is always a meal we have chosen rather than others in the choice of you.

third, technology and management experience. Racing together bridle to bridle as we grow older we must toward management positions has been in development rather than specialist level. For each Shanghai dragon Er, any time, don’t forget to learn and progress. In the work we want to do more practice, think more, see more, ask more. The optimization work itself there are many variables we must have high strength and compression capability, because the site optimization of the major search engines to improve their search algorithms, Shanghai dragon industry changes the randomness is very large, we must first improve their compressive strength, constantly changes through the search engine and the accumulation of experience in the industry and pay attention to the industry dynamics. In order to make themselves more clearly to adjust their goals and direction, to let yourself be targeted. I think the best way to learn is to learn experience and charge through Adsense nets or home owners like the high visibility of the portal site, which every day the latest.

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