ndustry Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do 2

well, here today, I hope this example can give you a thought, in the case of Shanghai out of love, we can live and live better.

maybe you say that I this is not to say that Shanghai dragon, but I hope you don’t forget the purpose of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not only for the purpose of ranking but to create higher profits. I want to explain my feeling "Shanghai dragon is not technology, but a way of thinking". For example, so many sites, the same is Shanghai dragon, but the results are different, so we said that right now:

above is a station I do Adwords, can be seen from the figure of 882 individuals by Adwords into my website, which has 8 consultation, namely 8 are the intention of customers, regardless of how many sales. First look at the 882 people into our website, that is to say all of a sudden there are 882 people know me this website, like this everywhere small poles brush before the same form of advertising. Brush a few days may not have much effect on the brush, half year and one year, two years, I believe that all of you, people will know you this enterprise. When you have that enterprises have a certain reputation in the city business, as can be imagined.

from the above chart we can see that the network can be divided into network and network content ranking. The love of Shanghai is the main Ranking Ranking network, when the network can’t bring us want, that we are not able to look for another way, from the content to do the network? From the second picture we can see that the content network is very big one, every corner covered the whole internet. And in the content of network advertising has many benefits, because it is a pay per click, and low cost is very low.


you the webmaster, hello. Some time ago I have to share the industry station of Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do (1), today I have to share the second part, mainly on the sea today if you leave after falling in love with what should we do? How can bring a customer’s situation in the absence of love in Shanghai, we can find more customers in other places.

look at the picture: the following two


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