n the face of love Shanghai website optimization should strengthen brand promotion

is not only the enterprise web site, all the sites should follow the above principles. In order to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon above, this gives us a revelation: website optimization ideas must be open, we optimize the website, and not just the web pages in place; we are to make our sites let users love to bring value to the user. Therefore, we must strengthen brand promotion website. If the user remember your website brand, or further, even the domain name to remember, I think this site is very user’s love. Such a website, we can not completely rely on search engines.

enterprise website optimization is what everyone should know, know and there is a difference; and can make a bigger difference. Today, small and medium-sized enterprises are more and more attention to the site optimization, and we do website optimization in enterprises should pay more attention to what? Especially the present love Shanghai in constant transformation, how are we going to meet

Shaanxi Shanghai Longfeng know many websites, brand name search volume is very large, and the domain name of the website already for everyone to memorize these domain names, itself is also very good to remember. The earliest navigation station: hao123贵族宝贝 (1236021); taobao贵族宝贝 (Taobao 537764); sohu贵族宝贝 (Sohu 56251); meilishuo贵族宝贝 (72910; soufun贵族宝贝 (beauty) from 11598) and so on, these people are not familiar with.

from June last year, in a website called black. One day this month, there are a large number of web search engines disappear in the corner, the user can not find the webmaster, more anxious. If we do enterprise site optimization, it must follow the love of Shanghai search optimization guide, as you love Shanghai – "is a very important work in Shanghai Longfeng, please refer to love Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng suggestions."


so, how to optimize a new website brand keywords

in fact, in the website optimization, set on the website of the channel or column division, URL design, the title is to combine the brand keywords. We put the brand keywords as a long tail keywords, through optimization method, this makes the search time as much as possible to show that our website pages, including channel page (column page), content pages, page labels etc.. Because the brand word competition is small, small amount of search, the difficulty of optimization, make more page rankings should be no problem. Of course, we can do a little early outside the chain of high quality.

first, this process is relatively long, it is slightly slower, but as long as the correct strategy, finally show the results is very good. Here only analysis of ideas, specific methods on each kind of network marketing can be done, focus on Shanghai dragon strategy.

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