Keywords suddenly dropped to 100 after the solution

reasons leading to this phenomenon are three:

won the "Shenzhen wedding dress" of the station, before the site in the key word "Shenzhen wedding dress" has been ranked. However, after Wang Shifan took over, in accordance with the plan to increase the corresponding website anchor text, so that the early and late phase comparison, the anchor text increases too fast, will inevitably lead to love Shanghai, love Shanghai will be natural site on the observation period.

third, there is no pre check on the website of the contents of the adjustment, whether with the anchor text in the middle? If is this operation, please hold, can not give up because of the decline in ranking.

solve this phenomenon:

fourth, the chain construction is lower over? If so, to maintain a stable level of the construction of the chain.

second, a large increase in the number of anchor text, cause love Shanghai.

originally ranked in more than 20, but one night, after ranking dropped to 100, what is this? Wang Shi fan believe everyone will have encountered such a situation, in the face of such a situation, we need to learn to summarize the reasons and solutions. Next, Wang Shifan will share his summary of the content to you, I hope to help friends in Shanghai dragon.

, for example, before the keyword "Shenzhen wedding dress" in 23, the second day that fell to 118. Don’t worry, to wait a bit, may find the ranking and rushed to the home page. This is the right of the precursor.

recently, too much love Shanghai, Wang Shifan hope that the Shanghai dragon friend to maintain a mature attitude towards these difficulties, since the choice of the Shanghai dragon, stick to it. Shanghai Longfeng bigwigs did not flinch, what we fear? Wang Shifan finally suggest you can in Shanghai dragon in actual combat, other network skills, now.

first, temporary lower ranking, is a precursor to put right.

Keywords Second step

chain target keyword is not too much, if all target keywords do friends chain, must be in the next stop and cancel the appropriate.

Other competitors

"Shenzhen wedding dress" keywords, and did not take strong operation too much. But at this time, Wang Shifan was greater than the average level of Shanghai dragon behavior, it will be Shanghai for re examination of love. There will be 100 after the sudden phenomenon.


third, Shanghai dragon behavior too much, love Shanghai re examination.


, close your eyes, memory operation process of these days, whether there is cheating, if any, immediately stop or stop.

The first step of

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