How to make love on the website 2013 Shanghai home station optimization article

how to exchange high quality Links: the first step is to choose the same theme website and the website, and then reference weight, PR, flow, love Shanghai included. High quality Links in addition to the requirements of the PR and love Shanghai high weight, but also to see the website traffic and love Shanghai included the entry number, the most important is whether the friendship site and your site related theme. Previously, many Shanghai dragon Er tend to ignore each other friendship site is related, and their website to see only the theme website weight and traffic in 2013, this blind exchange Links, not only to the site help, but also by the love of Shanghai punishment. Finally, a high quality Links first choice and their own website the same theme website, and then reference weight, PR, flow, love Shanghai included entry.

in 2013 on the site of Shanghai love home –" mentioned in the station optimization in an article on August 23, 2012, Shanghai love to the search engine rules after adjustment, many sites are K, the main reason is because the station optimization is not good, a lot of companies and Shanghai Dragon Er workers in order to save time, junk outside chain on the Internet, causing Shanghai to love this junk hair outside the chain, manufacturing network garbage acts to make the punishment. After the love of Shanghai to punish the chain spamming, many Shanghai dragon Er believes that the chain has lost its effect, the chain to get the world of the era of the past, that no or little hair of the chain, but this view of the

close the country to international intercourseBefore this topic

station optimization from 2 aspects: Links, outside the chain of high quality. From the current search engine rules, to the 2013 website ranking love Shanghai home, Links, outside the chain of high quality.

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in the analysis of no or little hair of the chain, I Chinese website Shanghai dragon to analyze Long Qing Dynasty from prosperity to a turning point in society, it is the ruler adopted a closed door policy, resulting in the Qing Dynasty and the outside world lost contact, until the onset of the industrial revolution in Europe, the country broke the Qing Dynasty the Qing government, just awakening, learn advanced science and technology in Western europe. Finally, that the state of decline, the owners. The Shanghai dragon is also true, not or less outside the chain equivalent to close the country to international intercourse.

how to send outside the chain of high quality: high quality the chain is the chain to the site keywords or Title Exact matching. For example my site is Shanghai dragon Chinese network, through the source code to view the web page keywords is < metaname=" keywords" content=" Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon tutorial, copywriting, website construction, network marketing, network diagnosis, Shanghai dragon Chinese network " / >;, when we send in the chain.

not or less hair of the chain is

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